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General Tactics - French Army Maneuver War
General Tactics
French Army Maneuver War
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110 pages; 7 chapters
General Tactics, a modern French Army manual, was influenced by
some of the tactical approaches innovated by QuikManeuvers.com.  
But more importantly,
General Tactics reveals that the French Army
is a
maneuver army, which has independently developed its
warfighting approach without being influenced by ineffectual US Army
military doctrines that have corroded the military élan of most NATO
armed forces. France established itself as a master of
counterinsurgency and
maneuver warfare during the "War Against
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”The French Army recognizes three warfighting principles – freedom of action, unity of effort and economy of means
– to be applied to the land forces at the tactical level. The methods of application for these principles must be
surprise-oriented in all aspects because surprise causes a permanent delay in the enemy’s action. Tamerlane put it
very simply: “Rather with 10 men where needed than elsewhere with 10,000”.
Surprise can have various forms, which, in a successive or coordinated way, contribute to gaining or maintaining
freedom of action:
 •  surprise through innovation in a specific, especially technical field;
 •  surprise by setting up reserve units or a new structure compared to the traditional organization;
 •  surprise by implementing tactical methods that the enemy does not anticipate.
Moreover, surprise is enhanced by such factors as deception, intelligence and mobility which will be discussed in the
following chapters."
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Excerpt from General Tactics
General Tactics - French Army Maneuver War
Algerian Communists." In fact, the French Army won that war with tactical and operational innovations developed
independently within the
maneuver-oriented French armed forces. Degaulle stabbed his military in the back by
turning over to communist masters an Algeria that had been won by French arms. Subsequently, the
pro-communists/pro-Moslem media of the West unfairly branded the French military as losers. As usual, corrupt western
media, the enemy of truth, misled the world. As
General Tactics reveals, the French Army is a strong and lethal
fighting force and it may be one of the best
maneuver armies in Europe. Readers of General Tactics will find
warfighting concepts, the understanding of which will empower any professional soldier with the tools to defeat high tech
militaries like the US Army.