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Generals Gone Bad - American Conventional Generals incompetet and risk aversive
Generals Gone Bad
Corrupt, Incompetent & Traitorous US Generals
© 2006
316 pages; 11 chapters and 3 appendixes
Few Americans realize that America’s Armed Forces are now controlled by the
most incompetent, risk aversive, politically correct, and traitorous
conventional generals
that this nation has ever had to endure. Most
conventional generals hate war
because it interferes with the luxurious
aristocratic lifestyle to which the risk aversive American generals are addicted.
In fact, they only get mad and take action if domestic politicians threaten to
transform their corrupt playhouse into a combat oriented milieu.
Generals Gone Bad describes in lurid detail hundreds of items of evidence
substantiating the ugly corruption in which America’s peace-loving generals swim.
To say that most
American generals are risk aversive, incompetent, and
politically correct
is an understatement. Generals Gone Bad, book one of a
two volume set (see the other
Bureaucrat Generals ), explains the difference
between conventional generals and unconventional war-winning
, by describing in explicit details what America’s incompetent
are doing wrong. It is estimated that only a small minority of the
current politically correct American generals are anywhere near able to
command large bodies of troops in a war to the death. We are now involved in
that war to the death, against the most barbaric and psychopathic brigands that
any nation has ever faced, the demons of muslim imperialism.
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“Mosul, Iraq had been hit with dozens of mortar and rocket attacks during the recent past, and for several weeks
intelligence was warning of a possible inside-the-camp terrorist attack similar to what went down in the so-called secured
Green Zone a few months earlier. Suddenly, muslim infiltrators detonated a bomb in an army mess hall, while numerous
soldiers were eating. Many Americans were killed and maimed because they are conventional generals failed to
implement the required security.
According to
unconventional general, Hank "The Gunfighter" Emerson: "If our leadership in today's Army had
bothered to learn anything from Lebanon in '83 and Saudi Arabia in '96 when - in both cases - terrorist bombers killed
scores of Americans who were in creature-comfort billets rather than hardened positions, they would know the welfare of
the troops isn't about providing comfy billets, coffee bars and classy chow. It's about making sure your soldiers survive."
Emerson was and remains a great believer in taking the fight to the enemy, keeping him off-balance and on the run. "To
that end, security was another pet baby of mine, and it was never-ending," he said. "For example, I never allowed a
civilian in my base camps. I figured they were all spies. They'd recon your camp, pace off installations, cut your throat if
they could and report their findings to the local guerrilla CO (commanding officer)."
“Was he ever right. I had a civilian barber at one of my firebases in Vietnam. Following "The Gunfighter's" S.O.P., I made
him set up shop outside our front gate - even though the hair on my head always stood on end whenever he shaved the
back of my neck with his straight razor. And sure enough, he was zapped in one of our ambushes about a month after we
hired him, with a sketch of our base in his pocket!”, proclaimed David Hackworth.
Immediately after the attack in Mosul, the ground commander, Gen. Thomas Metz, proclaimed, "We are not going to be
intimidated by this attack."  At Metz's order, armored vehicles and heavy U.S. patrols saturated the Mosul area. A perfect
example of too little too late - and all wrong. Our brass better get real and figure out the nature of this guerrilla war and
our enemy before another such explosion kills and maims more good soldiers with the misfortune to be serving under
incompetent leadership. One smart solution comes to mind: Invite "The Gunfighter" over to Iraq to teach Insurgency 101
to all those senior leaders who've been too busy collecting M.B.A. degrees in careerism to study the critical lessons of
past insurgency campaigns.”
Excerpt from Generals Gone Bad
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