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Generals Led by Staffs - Who Really Leads US Army Units
Generals Led by Staffs
Who Really Leads US Army Units
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234 pages; 10 chapters and 2 appendices
According to polls and other research very close to 100% of the American
public knows anything that is true about
US Army and US Marine generals.
Unlike other better-informed publics, they mostly support those generals without
question.  That is a very bad way of thinking, as the reader of
Generals Led
by Staffs
will soon understand. Most of the public knows no real facts about
why the US ground forces end up losing any conflict that lasts more than a few
Generals Led by Staffs answers many such questions. Most readers
will find it hard to believe that most US generals know almost nothing about war.
They are, as
Generals Led by Staffs proves, incompetent at warfighting
because their real interests are corporate management, diplomacy, and
politics. A large group of
US generals are leftist fanatics who seek to sabotage
the US military from within. Most
US Generals are led by their staffs. That
means that Lieutenant Colonels are making decisions that Lieutenant Generals
are supposed to be making. Why? The answers are there, in
Generals Led by
Review Table of Contents
"In Vietnam, slow and incompetent staff work by huge, over-sized staffs was the norm.  One Vietnam-era staff officer
reported that: "...by the time we could react, the enemy would be far distant...it took usually three to four days to prepare
operation orders; men would spend twelve hours a day with SITREPS just to ensure correct grammar."
US ground force generals are convinced that they need larger staffs and more communications to facilitate their
command from the rear. They never stop to ask what effect increased staff size and a deluge of daily communications will
have on their operations. To address this question it is necessary to first describe staff products or the output produced
by ground force military staffs."
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Generals Led by Staffs - Who Really Leads US Army Units