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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
3rd Parachute Division Combat, France: 1944
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161 pages; 10 chapters, 2 special reports, and 1 appendix
German 3rd Parachute Division is an e-book that describes the formation and
subsequent combat employment of the
elite German 3rd Parachute Division. It is the
story of a
German parachute division that became elite because of its training and the
spirit of its leaders. The
German 3rd Parachute Division had no history before the
1944 Normandy Campaign. It was there that the
German 3rd Parachute Division
fought its heart out, leaving most of its personnel behind as casualties in Normandy and
the Falaise Pocket. Much information in the e-book,
German 3rd Parachute Division,
came from the actual commander and subordinate leaders of the division in 1944-45.
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"The 3rd Parachute Division Commander’s suggested attack to capture the woods of Cerisy would probably have been a
success. However it would have been conducted with insufficient force and the danger to the inexperienced division was
too great. That is why the 7th Army forbade the attack. The strength of the parachute division was in defense and they
were well trained for this. The division felt comfortable in the area of Bocage and the German enlisted soldiers felt
superior. In defense, the division was in the position to hold out reserves of up to battalion strength. In spite of the width
of the sector held by the 3rd Parachute Division, the Army was not concerned about any over stretching because the
division had earned their trust."
Excerpt from German 3rd Parachute Division
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German 3rd Parachute Division Combat in France 1944
German 3rd Parachute Division
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German 3rd Parachute Division Combat in France 1944