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German Anti-Partisan Tactics - Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics
German Anti-Partisan Tactics
Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics
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177 pages; 15 chapters
German Anti-Partisan Tactics is the best e-book on WW2 partisan
warfare tactics
yet produced by QuikManeuvers.com. German
Anti-Partisan Tactics
goes into more detail than any other modern
book on
partisan warfare. Tactics and operations of both communist
partisan and anti-partisan forces are explained professionally and
thoroughly. The truth about the methods of
partisan warfare in the
Balkans and Russia is told with stark ruthlessness in
Anti-Partisan Tactics
. German Anti-Partisan Tactics is totally
different from the inaccurate, propaganda-infused
partisan warfare
portraits drawn by the prevalent modern military amateurs who depend
on photographs to tell the war stories that they lack the knowledge to
understand or describe.
Review Table of Contents
"Punishment should not be inflicted in a arbitrary manner but should be imposed by the proper authorities through
orderly procedure. Yet never forget that communist partisans and communist governments maintain civilian
cooperation by terror, which includes arbitrary murder and torture. The entire Soviet Union, led by a minority of
communist psychopaths, thrived and grew stronger for decades in a hell where terrorism and fanatic ignoring of the
truth caused millions of eager communist slaves to die in the struggle to save the communist regime. Never forget
the power of communist 24-7 propaganda combined with 24-7 terror."
Excerpt from German Anti-Partisan Tactics
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German Anti-Partisan Tactics - Partisan Tactics vs. German Tactics