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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Combat Doctrine
German Army Combat Doctrine
Think Like a German Commander
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118 pages; 13 chapters and 1 appendix
Have you ever wondered what the basic instruction of a World War II
German Army
leader was like? Then turn to German Army Combat
, which is an introduction to German Army combat leadership.
Would you like to think like a German combat commander? Then you
should begin with
German Army Combat Doctrine. The e-book,
German Army Combat Doctrine, is where the reader should start if he
wants to begin learning the very complex concepts and ways of thinking
that underlay the
German Army of World War II. German Army Combat
will open the door to things you never dreamed of, all you have
to do is cross that bloody threshold.
Review Table of Contents
“The important considerations of defense are combined in utilization of terrain and coordination of fire. The natural
defensive characteristics of the terrain should be improved, and camouflage should be used freely. A fully coordinated
use of all available weapons must be arranged; strength should be conserved by keeping the losses in personnel and
materiel down to the very minimum; and exact dispositions, strength, and intentions should be denied to the enemy as
long as possible. A well-organized defense capable of quickly and effectively reverting to the attack, with cunning and
deception enshrouding the movements and dispositions, will offset hostile numerical superiority.
Favorable Terrain For Defense
The defender has an advantage in that he selects the terrain for his battle. Rarely will all of the following terrain
requirements for defense exist in a single combat area, but certain of them will be present, and the commander may
improvise the others: (a) good observation for artillery and other supporting weapons; (b) protection against hostile
observation; (c) natural obstacles against tank attacks; (d) natural protection for flanks; (e) possibility for launching
Other Considerations
Defense or Delaying Action?
The mission must clearly indicate the form of defense contemplated: defense (Verteidigung), meaning that the position
will be held under all circumstances; or delaying action (Hinhaltender Widerstand). Fire may be opened either at
maximum effective ranges, if the ammunition is ample, or at closer ranges, in order to effect surprise.
Preparation of Defense Area
When the hostile situation has not been clarified (especially if the direction of the enemy's attack is unknown), the mass
of the defending force should be retained in a position of readiness. When information relative to hostile formations, main
effort, strength, etc., becomes, available, then the troops may be moved into defensive positions which have been
previously reconnoitered and prepared according to the time available and the situation. Occasionally only a skeleton
position will be occupied with artillery protected by small units of infantry, while the mass is held back centrally located so
that it can quickly occupy positions upon the approach of the enemy. “
Excerpt from German Army Combat Doctrine
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