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German Army Fortification Secrets
German Army Fortification Secrets
German Stabilized Front & West Wall
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255 pages; 19 chapters and 1 appendix
German Army Fortification Secrets is an e-book that goes beyond simply
providing drawings of various examples of unexplained
German World War II
. German Army Fortification Secrets provides in-depth
revelations regarding the concepts and outlooks that guided
German Army
. Yet, German Army Fortification Secrets reveals secrets too,
because it focuses upon the
art of fortification from the German standpoint.
German Army Fortification Secrets reveals that the German Army in World
War II
had the soundest grasp of fortifications of any western nation.
German Army fortification secrets remain secret to this day because no
western nation seems to understand the
value of fortifications that are
utilized as economy-of-force killing grounds which, if laid out in the proper
depth, are still virtually impregnable because of one fact: They exact so many
enemy casualties that the aggressor force is bled white in his effort to overcome
the real world representation of
German Army fortification secrets of World
War II.
Review Table of Contents
"Realizing the acute importance of forces of economy conducting enduring mass kills within fortified kill zones, the
Germans developed the concept of the stabilized Front.  Germans taught that defensive combat on a stabilized front was
conducted generally according to the same principles as the defense in a war of movement, the chief consideration being
the tactical organization of the defensive fires and forces. The stabilized front consists of an outpost area and one or more
continuous main areas of fortifications in depth. Within the meaning of the term "stabilized front," the Germans include
zones-of permanent fortifications constructed in peacetime, like the West Wall, and fixed positions assumed through
necessity during the course of a campaign.
The extent of construction in a German stabilized position depended upon the operational importance of the entire front
and the tactical importance of the individual sector, the terrain, and the mission of the fortifications."
Excerpt from German Army Fortification Secrets
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German Army Fortification Secrets: German Stabilized Front & West Wall