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German Army Individual Tank Killers
German Army Individual Tank Killers
Man to Tank Combat Heroes
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256 pages; 18 chapters and 6 appendixes
German Army Individual Tank Killers is an e-book that offers totally
unique information about an aspect of World War II that has never been
adequately described with any depth or professionalism. When treasonous
German generals began to sabotage operations on the Eastern Front in
1940, they hoped that by weakening the
German Army infantry’s ability to
protect itself from masses of Soviet tanks, the immediate destruction of the
German Wehrmacht would result. However, the hundreds of thousands of
German Army soldiers fighting on the Eastern Front in 1941-45, refused to allow themselves to be slaughtered like
sheep. They learned how to take on the Soviet tanks with their own bodies and souls. Suddenly, the snow-covered fields of
the Soviet slave state became the hunting grounds of
German Army individual tank killers. There emerged thousands of
German Army individual tank killers. Suddenly, hundreds of Soviet tanks were going up in smoke and the thousands of
brave German infantry who were maimed and killed in that effort have never been accounted for. Yet in the war of
Army individual tank killers
, there were many German heroes. Their tactics and techniques of individual and team tank
deserve to be known and appreciated. That is the motivation that drove the production of another of QuikManeuvers.
com renowned and unique combat warfighting e-books,
German Army Individual Tank Killers.
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"The enemy tank guns were made useless by means of hand grenades shoved into their barrels. Wrecking of the treads
by means of explosives made movement impossible for the tanks. By means of “Teller” mines, turrets were blown off the
tank or armored hulls were pierced. All of this dangerous activity represented nothing more than improvised methods for
combating tanks, which can only be stopped when the armor was mortally pierced and/or the crew destroyed. The
individual tank killer was the heroic prototype for whom, as far back as the year 1941, the German tank destroyer’s
decoration was created. Special assault "tank annihilation squads," were created by the 3rd SS Mechanized
Totenkopfdivision in 1941."
Excerpt from German Army Individual Tank Killers
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German Army Individual Tank Killers