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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Infantry Regiment Attack
Attack Methods of German Regiments
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180 pages; 9 chapters and 2 appendices
Every German Army infantry division in World War II controlled three very
strong infantry regiments and one artillery regiment, along with several other
important battalions.
German Army Infantry Regiment Attack is an e-book that
describes what happened during one of the many occasions when a
infantry regiment fought independently
in an important battle on the Eastern
German Army Infantry Regiment Attack explains the attack experiences
of an unnamed
German infantry regiment that actually attacked and took the
city of Kiev in 1941.
German Army Infantry Regiment Attack includes many
lessons about the
German infantry regiment attacks and the maneuver
leadership of that powerful instrument of war.
Review Table of Contents
"The 3rd Battalion jumped off at 0430 without artillery preparation, moving to the East of the road to Kiev. After -brief
fighting, the German assault battalion took the rail line running near the freight station as its first attack objective at
around 0900.
To the left, the newly brought-up 1st Battalion shortly after 0400 , attacked from the move through the 2nd Battalion,
established contact with the 3rd Battalion, and together with the latter reached the suburbs of Kiev. The 2nd Battalion
brought up the rear.
At 0700, an order arrived from Division to jump off for the attack at 0900 after corresponding artillery fire preparation and
to reach the outskirts of the city of Kiev--but that order was long outdated!
The regiment found the freight station occupied by irregular Soviet troops of the NKVD (secret police), men who were cold
murderers and torturers. Even NKVD women participated in the fighting. It had been expected that the city itself would be
defended above all by armed civilians. This was bound to lead to hard house-to-house fighting. Armed civilians engaging
in combat without wearing uniforms are outlawed by the Geneva Convention and may be shot on sight without a trial.
The regiment accordingly regrouped after cleaning out the freight station. The leading battalions were ordered to push
through the streets with weak attack spearheads and the main body was to be brought up organized in the form of
assault squads. All platoons of the antitank company were placed under these battalions. The assault squads were
supposed to be in a position to take individual resistance nests and strong points in houses and other buildings. The
battalions were assigned short-range attack objectives and the attack was continued."
Excerpt from German Army Infantry Regiment Attack
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German Army Infantry Regiment Attack
German Army Infantry Regiment Attack