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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Operational Level Defense
German Army Operational Level Defense
Operational Art in Defeat
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169 pages; 12 chapters
German Army operational level defense was carried out by the best German generals
on the Eastern Front, as they strove to out-maneuver the relentless Red Army juggernaut.
Imagine being a loyal and patriotic general of the Wehrmacht who was fighting (on the
Eastern Front) the largest, best-equipped and most fanatic professional army in the world.
Yet, that was not bad enough. The loyal beleaguered German generals fought under
numerous handicaps that actually decided the war. Behind the scenes was a body of
German generals and colonels that included a high percentage of traitors and saboteurs
who not only gave all German plans and secrets to the Soviets, but also sabotaged every
operation, its weaponry, supplies, ammunition and replacements. In addition, German
military intelligence was also riddled with traitors and saboteurs. It is obvious that there
were so many treasonous events that had a more decided impact on the war than the
actual fighting. Those more devastating factors, that insidiously destroyed Germany from
within, are not discussed in
German Army Operational Level Defense. (However, they
are discussed in QuikManeuvers.com’s
Daring Thrust; Deep Battle)
In fact, the greatest weakness of the e-book,
German Army Operational Level Defense,
is that it only
includes events that had a secondary effect on the Eastern Front. The
clever and innovative methods of
German Army Operational Level Defense killed
millions of reds, but behind the lines treasonous Germans were causing the deaths of
hundreds of thousands of German soldiers. If you want to know how the best German
generals utilized
successful operational level methods to temporarily beat the most
relentless and successful aggressor army of the 20th and 21st centuries, then
Army Operational Level Defense
is for you.
Review Table of Contents
“The German command and troops performed extraordinary feats during these weeks of extreme danger. Battalions,
combat teams, even entire divisions were improvised and thrown into battle. No task was left undone; virgin territory was
explored; new expedients were developed. All service forces were employed in combat, troops of other arms suddenly
becoming infantrymen. This was a struggle for survival waged simultaneously against an enemy superior in manpower
and materiel and against the terrors of a fierce winter. Besides struggling against a cunning enemy, the Germans also
had to steel and conquer themselves. Yet the impossible was accomplished. Only 12 miles separated the enemy
spearheads from their objectives when they were suddenly stopped, repelled, and shattered. On 25 February one enemy
force that had penetrated close to the Rollbahn west of Lyuban was cut off from its rear communications and annihilated.
A new inner front extending over 120 miles was built up around the Volkhov pocket and connected with the outer front. It
ran straight across the marshes north of Lake Ihnen, followed the course of the Oredezh and the railroad tracks
connecting Divenskiy with Chudovo. The danger had not yet been overcome.
In view of the latest setback, the Soviet command reduced its objectives, but its new intentions presented an even greater
danger. For several weeks the Soviet Fifty-fourth Army had attacked the thinly held German line in the swamps south of
Lake Ladoga. These attacks were repelled by the 269th Infantry Division and units of 28th Corps. The 54th Army
received additional forces and was given the mission of breaking through at Pogostye and thrusting toward Lyuban. At
the same time the Second Assault Army in the pocket stopped its westward drive and assembled its forces south of
Lyuban. Strong elements of the 52nd and 59th Armies followed into the pocket to cover the rear and the flanks of the
Soviet forces. The 54th and Second Assault Armies were to launch a pincers attack, cut off the German I Infantry Corps,
and encircle and annihilate it. Once this was accomplished, the road to Leningrad would be open again.”
Excerpt from German Army Operational Level Defense
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German Army Operational Level Defense