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German Army Pocket Book - Guide to the WWII German Army
German Army Pocket Book
Guide to the WWII German Army
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151 pages; 5 chapters
German Army Pocket Book was drawn up by the British Army
intelligence in World War II
(1943). The purpose of the German
Army Pocket Book
was to provide British Army intelligence officers
with a ready reference guide to
WWII Germany Army organization and
. Later, the German Army Pocket Book was used by both
the US Army and Commonwealth armies. Read it, and see if you can find
any errors in
German Army Pocket Book.
Review Table of Contents
"Attack - The German infantry in the attack employs tactics very similar to our own. Within the section, tactics are based
on covering fire from the LMG, which has a detachment of three men, of whom the No. 3 serves entirely as an ammunition
number. Medium machine guns, although organized separately in the fourth company of each battalion, are normally
attached by platoons to the rifle companies and give covering fire to the infantry as they advance, moving forward from
cover to cover by bounds; they are trained to change- position rapidly if engaged. Mortars are very skillfully used; the
weapon is no different in performance from our own but always in the past it has been imaginatively and skillfully handled;
it has been found that many mortar positions are sited on reverse slopes to cover the forward slopes; seldom are more
than a few rounds fired from any one position even if the mortar's position has not been engaged by enemy fire. In
German training particular emphasis is placed on infiltration tactics round flanks and between individual defensive
positions to encircle and squeeze out those positions singly."
Excerpt from German Army Pocket Book
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German Army Pocket Book - Guide to the WWII German Army