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German Army Recon, WW2 - Reconnaissance Secrets
German Army Recon, WW2
Reconnaissance Secrets
© 2009
380 pages; 38 chapters, 1 special report, and 1 appendix
German Army Recon, WW2 was very important to the German Wehrmacht
because it provided excellent information. The
battlefield reconnaissance
carried out by
German Army Recon, WW2 was frequently all the German
had, as the vaunted Luftwaffe became steadily wiped out. German Army
Recon, WW2
is an e-book which pulls no punches as it provides the reader
with a complete description of professional
German Army reconnaissance
that he would never otherwise obtain, anywhere. Of course there are also
several chapters on
Red Army reconnaissance provided for comparisons.
There is only one book in the world about
German Army reconnaissance in
WW2, that book is German Army Recon, WW2.
Review Table of Contents
"Two reconnaissance detachments, each composed of 1 officer, 3 noncommissioned officers, and 16 men, were
organized. Each man was armed with a submachine gun and three hand grenades, and each wore a lightweight fatigue
uniform and straw shoes. The men ranged in age from 16 to 30 and were all excellent swimmers.
Standing by on the east bank of the river were eight flat-bottomed boats to carry the patrols to the hostile shore by way of
the islands. Each boat was manned by two native fishermen, who alternately propelled and steered by means of a scull
oar, taking full advantage of the current.
On 23 August the following regimental orders were issued to the reconnaissance patrols:
"The west bank of the river is thinly held by German forces. According to reports from Svidovok and Dakhnovka, the
various enemy outposts are as much as 300 yards apart.
German local reserves appear to be limited. The assumed locations of positions, as reported by the civilian informers, are
indicated on the attached map.
The regiment requires exact information regarding the location of positions and composition of forces in Sectors a and b.
It is essential that some prisoners be taken and brought back for interrogation. The Russians realized just how important
it was to make prisoner’s talk by any means necessary.""
Excerpt from German Army Recon, WW2
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German Army Recon, WW2 - Reconnaissance Secrets