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German Army SIGINT-German Traffic Analysis of Soviet Communications
German Army SIGINT
German Traffic Analysis of Soviet Communications
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120 pages, 5 chapters, 1 appendix and 1 special report
German Army SIGINT was very important to the German Army fighting in
Soviet USSR, because German traffic analysis of Soviet communications
brilliantly uncovered key intelligence on Soviet plans and operations.
German Army SIGINT
(SIGINT= Signals Intelligence) units were blessed with many brilliant soldier
spies who took up the slack caused by the over-rated German Army
General Staff's prejudice against intelligence collection. The e-book,
German Army SIGINT, is a fascinating exposition of the many brilliant
methods used by the small German Army SIGINT apparatus working against
the counter-intelligence efforts of Soviet USSR, which was the best in the
world. To round out German Army SIGINT's explanation of the basics, the
background of German Army SIGINT is also explained in German Army
Review Table of Contents
"The successes obtained by elite German radio traffic analysis of Soviet communications on the Southern front, and the
information gained from sources other than cryptanalysis, may be categorized as the acquisition of superior knowledge.
For example, acquisition of intelligence on Soviet Air Force operations was comprehensive and continuous, resulting in
the following advantages to the German Wehrmacht:
Excerpt from German Army SIGINT
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•        Knowledge of the Soviet air situation.
•        Knowledge of the organization and order of battle of Soviet Air Armies.
•        Constantly updated data on the strength of Soviet units, including types and armament of aircraft.
•        Constantly updated data on the location and occupation of current and planned Soviet airfields.
•        Constantly updated data on the movements and concentrations of Soviet air and ground units.
•        Revealing Soviet operational intentions.
•        Knowledge of the amount and type of Soviet air transport.
•        Constantly updated data on the Soviet supply situation.
•        Identification of probable Soviet targets.
German Army SIGINT-German Traffic Analysis of Soviet Communications