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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Smoke Screens and Smoke Screen Tactics
German Army Smoke Screens
The German Army Combat Edge
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168 pages; 13 chapters and 5 appendixes
The e-book German Army Smoke Screens is another unique
Quikmaneuvers.com e-book that provides a body of work in an
area of World War II research heretofore ignored.
German Army Smoke Screens tells the story of how and why
German Army in World War II became masters of smoke
screen tactics
. The various German Army Smoke Screens and
smoke screen tactics
presents an awesome conceptology for
research, since so little has been written about it. That is the motivation
for QuikManeuvers.com’s
German Army Smoke Screens.
German Army Smoke Screens
will set your teeth on edge with its
description of
smoke screen tactics, when you will realize that you
never would have thought of them before QuikManeuvers.com
explained them.
Review Table of Contents
"Part of an Allied German armored division was brought up to help stem a German advance. It succeeded in ambushing a
column of German tanks. Some damage was inflicted and the Germans withdrew, laying down a smoke screen. The
commander of the Allied German force waited for the smoke to lift, thinking that it could not last long. But it persisted,
and, since the terrain did not permit bypassing the screen, he gave orders for his tanks to proceed through it. As soon as
the Allied German tanks were silhouetted on the other side, the Germans fired on them with everything they had, and
inflicted a great deal of damage before retreating.
The Germans have also tried some interesting experiments to make tanks vulnerable. Their glass smoke grenades seem
to be designed specifically for antitank use, but might also be used against pillboxes.
The Germans believe that by breaking smoke grenades over air-intake openings, it is sometimes possible to force a crew
to evacuate its tank, or at least to have great trouble in handling it. Also, the Germans have experimented with the trick of
tying smoke grenades— probably with time fuses—to each end of a 6- or 7-foot rope and throwing it across the barrel of
the tank's gun."
Excerpt from German Army Smoke Screens
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German Army Smoke Screens: The German Army Combat Edge
Although a number of amateur armies, especially the US ground forces, essentially ignore smoke screen
, German Army Smoke Screens will teach smoke screen tactics to readers who otherwise
would never have got the chance to know. The value of
smoke screens is more important today than ever
before because
smoke screens can easily screw up all the high tech machinery of the US military and its
German Army Smoke Screens should open the door to knowledge for anyone who instinctively
realizes its importance.