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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Special Tactics on the Eastern Front
German Army Special Tactics
Eastern Front Sudden Death
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340 pages; 23 chapters
On the Eastern Front in World War II, there were many ruses, feints,
deceptions and
special tactics employed. German Army Special Tactics is
an e-book that details many special tasks carried out at the small unit or tactical
level by German soldiers and their Soviet enemies. Every chapter includes
maps and occasionally a chart. The idea of
German Army Special Tactics is
to provide combat examples, which contain useful lessons for warfighting
anywhere. On the
Eastern Front, sudden death could occur at any moment
because of the fluidity of the combat and the wide use of desant infiltration.
German Army Special Tactics is designed to provide the reader with what he
needs to understand what happened on the
Eastern Front in order to do it
Review Table of Contents
“The 1st and 2d Battalions of its 196th Infantry Regiment held positions south of a large clearing in the forest that
stretched across the division's sector. Mine fields protected the battalions' boundaries with adjoining units and blocked
the road leading through the German MLR southeastward to Kiev.
The MLR was established at the forest's edge, and mortars, antitank guns, and cannon were dispersed over an area up
to 1 mile to the rear. The 105mm howitzers and 150mm guns took up positions in front of and behind a low, wooded hill
located 2.5 miles behind the MLR.
During the last days of October the Russian forces in the bridgehead conducted many reconnaissance patrols and
probed the sector of the two battalions, sending out combat patrols in varying strength. At the same time they had
advanced their outposts to within 500 yards of the German MLR and had established a number of new positions, many of
which were only dummies. The Russian artillery used smoke shells during its fire for adjustment, so that the Germans
would not be able to spot the gun emplacements in the forest before the start of the Russian attack.”
Excerpt from German Army Special Tactics
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German Army Special Tactics on the Eastern Front