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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Army Training for Combat in WW2
German Army Training
Building German Army Combat Skill
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256 pages; 18 chapters
The secret of the success of the German Army in World War 2 was the
superior German Army training. German Army training offered German
soldiers the best possible
methods for winning in combat. Combat training
were found everywhere in the German Army training establishment.
This book describes in great detail the training of German officers for combat
leadership (for more officer training information, see QuikManeuvers book
German Army Warrior Officers). It also provides information on enlisted
training, Hitler Youth training, and storm trooper training. The
German Army, to
a lesser extent than the Red Army,
studied their combat experiences and
modified their training
to reflect lessons learned. German Army Training
provides an enlightening description of a frequently ignored subject.
Review Table of Contents
“The civilian youth wishing to secure admission applied to the particular regiment or unit of his choice. He was required to
be unmarried, an Aryan, and have a certificate of graduation from a gymnasium (equivalent to second-year U. S. college
work). He was given interviews by an examining board of officers, and examinations, which tested his moral qualities and
his ability to stand up under strain. Much importance was attached to a psychological test.
After passing these examinations, the candidate now a cadet, served for one year in the ranks of the unit that received
him. There he received the same training given ordinary recruits, and enjoyed no favors. It was desired that the cadets
should thereby learn to understand the mental attitudes, problems, and points of view of the common soldier. On the side,
and in addition to regular training, the cadets did special study on the use of weapons.
After that year, the cadets were sent to a military school for nine months, and received basic training in military theory,
identical for all branches of the service. There were 4 (later 5) such schools, admirably equipped without regard to
expense. The course included field exercises. About 2,500 officers a year could be turned out in those schools.
After these 9 months, the cadets went to a weapons school "destined to bring the candidates back to earth after their
theoretical courses." Here they received training appropriate for their particular branch and an opportunity to command
and train units attached to the school.”
Excerpt from German Army Training
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German Army Training for Comabt Leadership