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German Army Volksstrum Units
German Army Volkssturm Units
German People's Assault Troops
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174 pages; 12 chapters and 6 appendixes
They were old men and young boys. They were the Third Reich’s bottom
of the barrel
. But they stepped up to provide their Fatherland’s last line of
defense. The
German Army and the German Wehrmacht was desperately
battling with its back against the wall in 1945. Too many good men had died
as the result of sabotage and betrayal by German traitors. The
only hope
for the Third Reich and the Wehrmact and the German Army was the
and they came forward. Armed to meet the rampaging Soviet
beast. By the hundreds of thousands the old men and boys of the
Volkssturm met the advancing Red Army in a bitter fight to the death. There
were heroes among them, many of the
Volkssturm fought bravely and
effectively, some even earned the highest award for valor, the Knights Cross.
They piled up the Red Army dead and they did not quit or run away. In the
process they
heaped honor on themselves, the German Army, the
Wehrmacht and the Third Reich
. German Army Volkssturm is their story.
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“The typical Volkssturm unit was not capable of attacking for very long or carrying out strenuous raids. However, they
could call in artillery, mortar and aircraft support. They could defend villages, roadblocks and fortified zones. They could
lay mines and booby traps as well as lift them. They could also conduct a fighting withdrawal through constricted terrain.
Volkssturm unit was limited by the physicality of its personnel, the ammunition/explosive/mines supply and
available means of mobility.
best use of a Volkssturm battalion was an ambush, followed by a defense in place and then a fighting withdrawal in
close terrain or villages. The best initial placement of
Volkssturm troops in constricted campaign was an in-depth
position aligned along not more than three avenues of approach into an area. One or more companies should be
defending each avenue of approach with the battalion sapper platoon and support weapons under direct control of the
battalion commander.
The most effective deployment for a
Volkssturm battalion was to place a company along each avenue of approach with
two platoons deployed on both sides of a roadblock with a frontage of not more than 70-80 meters, flanks refused. A third
platoon would be deployed close behind the first two platoons under direct control of the company commander.”
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