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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
How Small Expert Teams Defeated Fortresses
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211 pages; 21 chapters and 4 appendices
German Assault Engineer Battles is an e-book that graphically
describes a number of
German Assault Engineer Battles during
WW2. A number of maps are included inside German Assault
Engineer Battles
in order to facilitate reader understanding.
German assault engineers were probably the best trained
combat engineers that the world has ever seen. Each
assault pioneer
was an expert on so many forms of warfighting
and engineering.
German Assault Engineer Battles were usually
marked by small teams of
German assault engineers, who
regularly defeated enemy groupings that outnumbered them
greatly and were protected by thick concrete. Yet,
assault engineers
smashed through numerous enemy fortresses
and deep fortified lines to lay waste to tens of thousands of enemy
German Assault Engineer Battles is an entertaining and
objective e-book, about those German heroes, that will retain the
reader’s attention from start to finish.
Review Table of Contents
"…three reinforced concrete structures illustrating what the Germans encountered in the Maginot Line have been
sketched, the center one housing two 75mm (or heavier) guns protected on either flank by pillboxes containing two
machine guns. These installations were of massive construction and built to withstand the heaviest shell fire that the
French could conceivably imagine that would be used against them.
Let us consider only a portion of this assault and picture the attack on one bunker containing two or more machine guns.
Such installations were common in the Maginot Line and were normally close enough to provide mutual support for similar
bunkers or supplement and protect adjacent bunkers armed with cannon of various calibers."
Excerpt from German Assault Pioneers, Eastern Front
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German Assault Engineer Battles - How Small Expert Teams Defeated Fortresses
German Assault Engineer Battles
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German Assault Engineer Battles - How Small Expert Teams Defeated Fortresses