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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Assault Grenadiers - 78th Sturm Grenadier Division
German Assault Grenadiers - Division 78
78th Sturm Grenadier Division
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402 pages; 25 chapters and 2 appendixes
German Assault Grenadiers is a unique e-book about a very unique World
War II infantry division whose story remains relatively unknown. There are no
English language books about the famous
German Assault Grenadiers
known as the 78th Sturm Grenadier Division
. Only two German books
have been written about the glorious
78th Sturm Division, which is a
mystery in itself. The reason for that is simple, any deep investigation of the
78th Sturm Division brings to light secret facts which German generals in
collusion with naive and poorly informed western writers have covered up for
over 70 years. While the story of the glorious
78th Sturm Division is both
illustrious and incredible, as any reader of
German Assault Grenadiers will
discover, there are many deeper stories hidden behind the cordite and
bloody corpse piles left in the wake of the
78th Sturm Division.
Review Table of Contents
“The division commander was visiting various divisional fortified positions on the hills in the area on March 1, 1943 when
the massive Soviet preparatory barrage began. Following the barrage, several Soviet NKVD divisions, dressed in white
camouflage, plunged straight into the division’s defensive center of gravity. At the same time, Soviet assault troops who
had burrowed 60 meters through the snow popped up within three meters of the German defense lines.
Four NKVD divisions of the Soviet 70th NKVD Army attacked the 78th Infantry Division’s spread out hill defense lines.
Constant Soviet assaults went on relentlessly for weeks. Every day the Soviets seized German-held hills which were taken
back by daring German counterattacks.”
Excerpt from German Assault Grenadiers
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78th Sturm Grenadier Division
In German Assault Grenadiers, Breaker McCoy tells the story of the 78th Sturm Division with a brutal objectivity rare in
modern American military prose. But he also pulls back a tip of the curtain, which hides smoky World War II secrets that will be
revealed in future QuikManeuvers.com’s books. You won’t be sorry that you experienced the blood, fear and valor of the
Sturm Division
saga, related in the war-torn pages of German Assault Grenadiers.