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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Balkan Campaign - Panzers Seize Yugoslavia in 12 Days
German Balkan Campaign
Panzers Seize Yugoslavia: 12 Days
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67 pages; 10 chapters and 2 appendices
The German Balkan Campaign of 1941 was carried out in the
Balkan region by a small German Wehrmacht
force that totally defeated the huge Yugoslav Army within only
12 days.
German Balkan Campaign describes the whirlwind of
improvisational planning and maneuvering which the
adroitly carried out as they rapidly prepared for the
invasion of the
Balkans. No army then, and certainly none that
exist now, could have carried out the feats of maneuver and
preparation, which were achieved so swiftly by the
It’s all described in the e-book
German Balkan Campaign,
which also describes in lucid detail the various battles that took
place and how the
German Wehrmacht pushed entire panzer
divisions over rugged mountain trails heretofore strewn only with
donkey or mule waste. If you are seeking a detailed description
of the
German Balkan Campaign from yet another
perspective, you should read
German Balkan Campaign.
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"Toward the end of March 1941 no forces other than a few infantry divisions were available in Germany for immediate
commitment. Those armored and motorized infantry divisions that happened to be in Germany at the time were in the
process of activation, reorganization, or rehabilitation. The mobile divisions needed by Second Army therefore had to be
drawn from France and the Russian border, and their transfer to the Balkans could easily have resulted in delays. The
only available mountain division, whose employment was essential for the successful conduct of the Yugoslav campaign,
had to be brought east from France. Similar difficulties were encountered in assembling the necessary GHQ units and
artillery, engineer, and service troops.
The 132nd and 183rd Infantry Divisions had been ordered to entrain on 2 April. By 6 April about two-thirds of each
division had detrained in Graz, and both were completely unloaded by 9 April. Meanwhile, a truck transportation regiment,
then located in Paris, was ordered to proceed to Czechoslovakia from where it was to move the 101st Light Infantry
Division to its assembly area. Advance elements of this division were to be in line by 9 April. However, icy roads delayed
the movement to such an extent that the tail elements did not reach their destination until 15 April."
Excerpt from German Balkan Campaign
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German Balkan Campaign - Panzers Seize Yugoslavia in 12 Days