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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Bicycle Tactics - German Army Bicycle Troops: WWI
German Bicycle Tactics
German Army Bicycle Troops: WWI
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188 pages; 17 chapters and 2 appendices
German Bicycle Tactics is an e-book that belongs to only a very select group
warfighting books. The primary value of German Bicycle Tactics is that it
German bicycle tactics in great depth. Very few books about either
WWI or WWII reveal so many tricks of the trade that are still useful today. The
secrets of
warfighting long held by the German, Soviet and Finnish armies of
WWII have never been revealed in the detail they deserve. In order to reveal all
the various
German Army WWII tactical tricks alone would require a body of
literature far exceeding all the
WWII literature now available. The same rule of
thumb applies the
German Army WWI tactics. That is why German Bicycle
is so important to readers. The small e-book, German Bicycle Tactics
is in the vanguard of a new, practical and useful literature on
which the standard manuals extant do not reveal. It’s a how-to book; for people
who wonder what role
bicycles can play in modern war.
Review Table of Contents
"The commander of a bicyclist unit who intends to act dismounted should decide, after personal reconnaissance, on his
plan of action, and on the approximate place where be intends to deploy. Before moving off along the road he should
assemble his subordinate commanders, at a point where the ground over which he is going to act, can be seen, explain
his plan, and issue his orders. The latter should be short, clear, and complete, in order to ensure rapidity of action and to
avoid confusion. Occasions may, however, arise when time will not permit the commander explaining his plan before he
moves forward. In such cases he should be accompanied by his subordinate commanders, and explain the plan and his
orders as they move along the road."
Excerpt from German Bicycle Tactics
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German Bicycle Tactics - German Army Bicycle Troops: WWI