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German Close Assault Antitank Tactics - Wehrmacht Panzerknacker Combat
German Close Assault Antitank Tactics
Wehrmacht Panzerknacker Combat
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122 pages; 12 chapters and 1 appendix
German Close Assault Antitank Tactics is an e-book that describes
a bewildering array of improvised
Wehrmacht methods for destruction
of enemy tanks by individuals or small teams. The failure of the
Wehrmacht to provide effective antitank weapons capable of
protecting German infantry down to the squad level caused the death
of thousands of brave German heroes who tried to kill enemy tanks
with grenades and bullets. At the same time the surviving
soldiers were developing
German close assault antitank tactics,
which enabled individual German soldiers to kill thousands of enemy
tanks almost bare handed. Traitors within the
Wehrmacht command
caused the loss of tens of thousands of German warriors who, bereft of
antitank weapons, died while employing German close
assault antitank tactics
. It was an improvisation, but it was German
Panzerknacker combat
in its most brutal form. German Close
Assault Antitank Tactics
is one of three QuikManeuvers.com
volumes of this subject. See also QuikManeuvers.com’s
Antitank Weakness
and German Army Individual Tank Killers.
Review Table of Contents
“Over and above this, soldiers of all the armed services should be selected and grouped into close-in tank-hunting
squads consisting of one leader and at least three men. They must continually be ready for close-in combat with
tanks. Where special close-in weapons are not at hand, expedients should be devised. Combining tank-hunting
squads into tank-hunting groups may be useful under certain conditions.
The equipment for close-in tank hunting consists of the following: incendiary bottles and Teller mines, TNT, automatic
weapons (our own or captured), submachine guns, Very pistols, hand grenades, smoke bottles, and camouflage
material, as well as hatchets, crowbars, etc., to use as clubs for the bending of machine-gun barrels projecting from
the tank. Of this equipment the useful and available weapons for blinding, stopping, and destroying the tank should
always be carried along. In the interest of maximum mobility, the tank-hunting soldiers must be free of all unnecessary
articles of equipment.”
Excerpt from German Close Assault Antitank Tactics
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German Close Assault Antitank Tactics - Wehrmacht Panzerknacker Combat