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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Colonel Rudelís Aerial Antitank Tactics
German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
Anti-Tank Stukas on the Eastern Front
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132 pages; 10 chapters and 3 appendixes
German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics have never been
adequately examined by the west. The silly communists that control all western
nations have never liked
Colonel Rudel because he was a proud and
unrepentant Nazi. He never apologized for anything and was the most
decorated man in the German Wehrmacht. The e-book,
German Colonel
Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics,
explains why Colonel Rudel deserved every
one of those decorations.
German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
also has a back story of secrecy and intrigue in late 1978 and 1979, secret US
military contractors held several secret conferences wherein
Colonel Rudel,
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“They realized that America’s Pentagon was no longer a warfighting entity but a constant redeveloper of increasing over
priced and short run, high tech weapons that would not survive the stress of more than a week of total war without
collapsing. At the same time the US Air Force was stressing spacecraft and was not interested in combat aircraft. The US
Army was maintaining a highly vulnerable and relatively ineffective helicopter army force that was fraudulently pimped as a
panacea. However, such a helicopter air force can only work in short wars against very inferior armies and nations who
will inevitably win if the wars continues longer that a year or two.
With all those pressures the sincere experts convened conference after conference to gnaw away at US defense
problems. At the same time they had to fight the ferocious lobby efforts of several unscrupulous defense lobbies inside
and outside the Pentagon who constantly buy and sell legislators (then and especially now) and media to promote stupid
short term ever more high tech failures which after all participating parties have made fortunes are discarded . Then the
whole process begins again. If fact several processes of waste and stupidity are ongoing at all times as one plays out, the
next takes its place. Its all fluctuating like so many debased and depraved amoeba who seek wealth at the public trough.
Finally the type of aircraft, deployed in the tens of thousands, necessary to fight in the future against one or more world
powers was worked out and described. They were astonished that the basis of such aircraft and the tactics and
techniques for the employment of huge combat forces correctly organized and led, had been worked out by the Third
Reich decades before. In fact a former Luftwaffe General was alive in the late 1970s and lucid enough to describe how
things worked in a massive total war against the USSR.
His name was General Hans Ulrich Rudel, the most decorated Third Reich hero of World War II.”
Excerpt from German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
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German Colonel Rudelís Aerial Antitank Tactics
through his interpreter, answered many questions about total war against the USSR. The US “experts” who attended those
conferences were typically ignorant bureaucrats; although most of them were real patriots who wanted to preserve American
freedom. Such a conference could not be held today because the US government and its industrial contractors are riddled with
German Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics includes a transcript of one of the conferences presided over
Colonel Rudel. Many US ignoramus “experts” tried to pick Colonel Rudel’s brain about all aspects of Colonel Rudel's
leadership of anti-tank Stukas on the Eastern Front
. As the reader reads the questions of America’s best minds, who
were actually smarter than what America has now, his face is bound to flush beet red in shame. For a short book,
Colonel Rudel’s Aerial Antitank Tactics
is crammed with information the reader has never seen before, or will ever see
again. It includes several back stories and conceptual groupings, not the least of which is the impossibility of the US Pentagon
and its corps of industrial whores ever being able to produce the type of massive air and ground forces necessary to defeat
either the communists or the muslims.