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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Luftwaffe Air Combat
The Best Air Force of WWII
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261 pages; 31 chapters and 2 appendices
German Luftwaffe Air Combat is not like other chronological-list
approaches to the subject of the
Luftwaffe (Third Reich Air Force).
Nor does
German Luftwaffe Air Combat focus on individual heroes’
personality variables. Instead
German Luftwaffe Air Combat is an
e-book with a carefully selected and sequenced number of vignettes
that gives the reader several insights into the organization and
of German Luftwaffe Air Combat. If you want to understand the
meld of men and equipment viewed from behaviors that hinged upon
innovative and successful tactics, then you will enjoy
German Luftwaffe Air Combat.
Particularly interesting are the descriptions of various Luftwaffe air combat battles from either the Soviet or German
perspective. This e-book is well illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings which illustrate a variety of
and mind sets. As an added gift, an entire Air Combat manual of Luftwaffe tactics is included in this e-book.
That manual sells separately for up to 40 dollars.
German Luftwaffe Air Combat is a real bargain in so many ways.
Review Table of Contents
"The tendency of the Germans is to mass as many planes as possible over the battlefield at the greatest possible height.
In doing this, several new aircraft have appeared on the front, such as, the Ju-87 dive bomber with retractable landing
gear and mounting a 37-mm gun; the long range 4-engine He-177 bomber with a heavy bomb load; the Me-109G with a
pressurized cabin designed for high-altitude battles.
The work of our fighter aircraft over the battlefield is divided into three main parts, closely linked together:
     (1) Combat with enemy fighters to gain air supremacy so that other types of our aircraft can operate more safely in
the area;
     (2) Direct support and protection of our bombers and Stormoviks during raids on ground formations;
     (3) Attacks on enemy bombers to reduce the effectiveness of their bombing."
Excerpt from German Luftwaffe Air Combat
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German Luftwaffe Air Combat
German Luftwaffe Air Combat