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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Luftwaffe Flak
Germany’s Antiaircraft Armies
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383 pages; 27 chapters and 17 appendices
German Luftwaffe Flak is a truly unique e-book. In the first place it is the most
extensive description of
German Luftwaffe Flak in America. In the second place,
it reveals for the first time, the incredible size of the
Luftwaffe Flak (anti-aircraft)
armies. The
German Luftwaffe was the best air force of World War II. The
Luftwaffe created and put in motion the most complex and powerful Air Force ever
known in just a few years. In addition the
Luftwaffe pioneered, or created most of
the concepts and tactics related to the deployment and leadership of both national
and international
Flak defense on a gargantuan scale. Their accomplishments
under the imaginative leadership of Hermann Goring were phenomenal.
Luftwaffe Flak
, for example, was composed of numerous Flak armies larger than
the US Army early in the war and larger than the British Army throughout the war.
Yet the
Luftwaffe simultaneously fielded and orchestrated five or six other huge
groups of armies too, all strikingly different from each other.
German Luftwaffe
is just part of the amazing Luftwaffe story, but it is a story that will amaze
you. The very size of huge
Flak armies deployed about the world in World War II
is awe inspiring enough, but other factors such as the thorough and imaginative
leadership of the
Luftwaffe have been over looked too long. In German
Luftwaffe Flak
the objective is to introduce the reader to one vast aspect of the
even vaster
Luftwaffe. You will be shocked with what is revealed in German
Luftwaffe Flak.
Review Table of Contents
"No warning of attacks could be expected, so all antiaircraft personnel must be kept in a constant state of readiness.
There were two aircraft watchers, one observing an arc of 180° to the front, the other to the rear. These watchers should
be selected from among the best-trained men and relieved frequently.
The procedure for firing was as follows: The normal zone of fire of the guns near the front of the train was to the front,
that of the guns near the rear, to the rear; these guns would support each other only when there were no planes within
their respective normal zones. The guns in the middle of the train support the front or rear guns as the situation might
require. When the train was moving, only tracer ammunition would be used since the motion does not permit accurate
sighting. Care must be taken not to shoot up signal posts and other installations, and even if under attack no firing might
be done where there were overhead power lines. At prolonged halts, when for one reason or another, fields of fire were
obstructed, the guns should be dismantled and set up at suitable points in the surrounding countryside."
Excerpt from German Luftwaffe Flak
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German Luftwaffe Flak
German Luftwaffe Flak