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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Machine Gun Tactics
Machine Gun War, WW2
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440 pages; 49 chapters and 5 appendices
for you. German Machine Gun Tactics is the most detailed treatment of machine gun war in World War II that you will
ever find. As you read its highly descriptive pages and view its dramatic charts, drawings, and maps you may catch a whiff of
cordite and almost hear the zipper tearing sound of the MG42, the fastest and most effective
machine gun in the world, then
and now. All the factors that make an excellent
war book masterfully came together as intensive research meet with
reader-friendly writing to form a truly unique and insightful discussion/description of a subject that will interest every historian
World War II buff. German Machine Gun Tactics is full of useful information that will fascinate you.
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"American General S.L.A. Marshall maintained that the great lesson of minor tactics is the value of machine guns."...the
overpowering effects of relatively small amounts of fire when delivered from the right ground at the right hour...The mass
was there, somewhere in support, and mobility was needed to put the vital element in the right place. The salient
characteristic of most of our great victories...was that they pivoted on the fire action of a few men..."
Poorly armed American rifle squads depended on the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) for squad fire support for far too
long.  The BAR, the US armed forces "squad automatic weapon" in World War I, World War II and Korea, was not heavy
enough to perform as a light machine gun. The BAR was also hampered by its low rate of effective fire (40-60 rounds a
minute), its small (20 round) magazine and its limited effective range of 500 yards. American infantry units were
consistently outgunned by both the Japanese and Germans."
Excerpt from German Machine Gun Tactics
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German Machine Gun Tactics - Machine Gun War, WW2
German Machine Gun Tactics - Machine Gun War, WW2
German Machine Gun Tactics is the most
comprehensive e-book extant on
German machine
gun tactics in World War II.
In fact, it is the only
book readily available, worldwide, on that subject. If
you know the value of
machine guns in combat
and have a hunger to know about the
organizations and tactics
that killed and maimed
millions of enemy soldiers in
World War II, then
German Machine Gun Tactics is the e-book