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German Motorcycle Battalions - Motorcycle Unit Organization & Maneuver
German Motorcycle Battalions
Motorcycle Unit Organization & Maneuver
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246 pages; 17 chapters, 2 special report and 8 appendixes
German Motorcycle Battalions is an e-book that removes some of the mystery
about the organization, tactics and victories of
German Motorcycle Battalions
during World War II. It was difficult for the ace researchers of QuikManeuvers.com to
find much information on
German Motorcycle Battalions, although we did dig up a
lot that has yet to be mentioned. QuikManeuvers.com can thus report that some
questions about
German Motorcycle Battalions are now answered in our e-book,
German Motorcycle Battalions. Yet we admit that we barely scratch the surface of
the amazing story of
German Motorcycle Battalions. The readers of our new book
will still know a lot more about the subject, and they will learn it from the only book
available anywhere about
German Motorcycle Battalions.
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"From 1939 through 1941, the best-organized German motorcycle battalions included an armored car company and
several companies of motorcycle infantry. The motorcycle infantry companies were organized as assault squads around
several motorcycles with sidecars that carried lethal German MG-34s.
The German motorcycle battalion could perform all the duties of a reconnaissance battalion but it was also an assault
battalion, which broke through an enemy soft spot and plunged deep into their entrails, firing in all directions. Task
groups of armored cars firing at least 20mm heavy machine guns or small cannons and machine guns, were grouped with
platoons and companies of motorcycle infantry.  
First the hole was punched through and then the battalion drove hell for leather through the gap. The enemy was usually
both terrorized and unsettled by the mad men smashing right through them, firing machine guns and submachine guns in
all directions without bothering to dismount, although German motorcyclists were trained to fight dismounted if the going
was too rough."
Excerpt from German Motorcycle Battalions
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German Motorcycle Battalions - Motorcycle Unit Organization & Maneuver