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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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German Naval War WW2
The Conduct of the War at Sea
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120 pages; 8 chapters and 1 appendix
German Naval War WW2 is a brilliant introduction to the fate and
fortune of the
German Navy (Kreigesmarine) in World War II. The
original source book for
German Naval War WW2, The Conduct of
the War at Sea,
was written by the German naval genius and Chief of
German Navy in World War II, GrossAdmiral Carl Doenitz. Some
changes to the book and editing work, for production, were carried out
by QuikManeuvers.com's editor.
This e-book traces the tides of war as they affected the surface, aerial,
and underwater combat of the 3rd Reich’s magnificent navy in
War II.
German Naval War WW2 traces the evolution of the
Kreigesmarine, from a few obsolete WWI ships into a modern naval
arm, led by the very best admirals imaginable. The
German Navy took
on all the world’s combined navies in
World War II, and nearly beat
them. Excellence of
German naval combat prowess was so prominent
that the allies feared the
German Navy even when they outnumbered
Germans with ten to one odds. The battles of German surface and
submarines fleets, world wide, and against terrible odds, amazed and
intimidated their enemies. When you read
German Naval War WW2,
you will understand why.
Review Table of Contents
"Planning the strategic use of German surface forces was governed by the fact that they could not embark on a battle for
sea supremacy because of their inferior numbers and strength compared with the overpowering sea power of England,
further strengthened by the addition of units of the French Fleet. Even the French Fleet was far superior to the German
Navy. The protection of German sea traffic and communication was, in view of the distribution of sea power, impossible
and was abandoned. German overseas trade on anything approaching its peacetime scale, except across the Baltic and
Skagerrak, had to be abandoned from the first. On the other hand a direct attack by enemy fleets in German home
waters was not to be expected, because of our strength in the air and the forces available on the coast, so all sections of
the German Fleet were free for offensive action."
Excerpt from German Naval War WW2
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German Naval War WW2 - The Conduct of the War at Sea
German Naval War WW2 - The Conduct of the War at Sea