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German Panzers Normandy, 1944
German Panzers Normandy, 1944
Panzer Divisions Fighting in France
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380 pages; 19 chapters, 7 combat reports, and 6 appendixes
When the allied armies landed in France in 1944, they soon began to
German panzer and panzer grenadier divisions. German
Panzers Normandy, 1944: Panzer Divisions Fighting in France

describes the exploits of those units, revealing heretofore little know facts.
Many of the chapters in
German Panzers Normandy, 1944: Panzer
Divisions Fighting in France
were written by German officers that fought
members of those panzer and panzer grenadier divisions in
Five chapters of German Panzers Normandy, 1944: Panzer
Divisions Fighting in France
are devoted to the unique 21st Panzer
, and eight chapters are devoted to SS panzer divisions that
fought in France in 1944
. Two of the most interesting chapters of German
Panzers Normandy, 1944: Panzer Divisions Fighting in France
the two
German panzer divisions that were held out of the combat against
the allied invasion by German Army traitors who were saving them for a
treasonous coup.
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“By May 1944, General Feuchtinger was demonstrating his new assault guns and nebelwerfers, constructed wholly by
21st Panzer Division’s personnel. The division’s new weapons and transports, employing French halftracks and tank
chassis, and produced according to modifications planned by General Feuchtinger and Major Becker, equipped the 21st
Panzer Division better than most current German panzer units.
Each 21st Panzer Division panzer grenadier regiment was equipped with (manufactured entirely by 21st Panzer Division
personnel) six self-propelled heavy howitzers, four nebelwerfer rocket launchers, and four mortar launchers (Souma
halftracks mounting sixteen 81mm mortars for simultaneous volley fire.) Each of the 21st Panzer Division’s panzer
grenadier regiments could simultaneously launch a stonk of twenty-four 150mm Nebelwerfer rockets and sixty-four 81mm
Each infantry battalion’s heavy weapons company was also well equipped with mobile gun carriages, mounted on
captured French vehicles. Each heavy weapons company had six heavy self-propelled howitzers, three 75mm self-
propelled antitank guns, and three 20mm self-propelled Flak guns.  
There were sixteen 21st Panzer Division manufactured Nebelwerfers scattered throughout the division. One battery of
four nebelwerfers each was assigned to: the two panzerfrenadier regiments, the artillery regiment and division
Excerpt from German Panzers Normandy, 1944
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German Panzer Divisions in Normandy, France, 1944