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German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad
German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad
German Panzer Divisions’ Attempted Breakthrough
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105 pages; 8 chapters and 1 appendix
German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad describes the heroic exploits of the
6th German Panzer Division and a couple of other German panzer divisions that
helped a little in December 1942. The story is a valiant one, replete with the glory
earned by professional soldiers.
German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad is
mostly the story of how the
6th German Panzer Division, under the excellent Austrian
General Erhard Raus, ram-rodded its way straight through hordes of Soviet troops
during the battle to
rescue the German 6th Army surrounded at Stalingrad. The
battles won during the
6th German Panzer Division’s plunge forward have not been
told in detail before, but
German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad tells it all.
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"The battles south of Hill 147 were still raging when German panzer elements at the end of the column began to
enter Verkhniy-Kumskiy, which they occupied before the enemy arrived. Soon afterward, however, they were
engaged in combat with the hostile tanks hurrying the scene to help the encircled tank brigade, whose calls for
support they had received. As a result of the advance of the Soviet tanks, the German elements were compelled to
withdraw to the northern edge of the village, which, since here they were supported by a constant flow of
reinforcements, they were able to hold. Under their protection, the mechanized units now also moved up and took
the defense of the village.
As a result, the German panzer forces again became available for a flexible conduct of operations. This was
desirable, since the Soviets had already tried to drive their tanks past Verkhniy-Kumskiy on both sides in order to
be able to take part in the battle on Hill 147 in time. By means of skillful maneuvering and rapid redistribution of
forces, the German tanks, although outnumbered, managed again and again to prevent the enemy from enveloping
However, the situation became critical when the two Soviet tank units were joined by a third, which pushed forward
on the eastern flank, thereby threatening to cut off the German panzer force which had advanced as far as
Verkhniy-Kumskiy from the main body of the German tanks."
Excerpt from German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad
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German Panzers Fight to Rescue Stalingrad