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German Paratroop Assault - Operation Mercury Seizes Crete
German Paratroop Assault
Operation Mercury Seizes Crete
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265 pages; 24 chapters and 5 appendixes
Why did the German Paratroop Assault on Crete occur? Who advocated the
German Paratroop Assault? Why did they advocate it? What was the real result
of the
German Paratroop Assault on Crete? Was Operation Mercury, the
Invasion of Crete, helpful to Germany in the long run? Just how loyal, competent
and intelligent were the German generals? Answers to the above questions, and
many more answers to many other questions about
Operation Mercury, are
found in the e-book,
German Paratroop Assault. The answers to the above
questions, and many more questions regularly ignored by American
historian/propagandists, will shock and astound you. A minority understands that
any domestic discussion about any
WW2 campaign is deceptively protected by
what Winston Churchill called a “Bodyguard of Lies.” But, the majority of Americans
will exhibit a different response.
German Paratroop Assault includes information
and analysis that will undoubtedly surprise even the most cynical Stalinists too.
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"There was a gut wrenching terror and feeling of hopelessness that swept the veteran mountain troops as they focused
on the unequal battle which followed. As one mountaineer remembered: “We knew that our slow-moving tubs could not
outrun them. We were all crammed together on the deck. We stood on deck facing outwards and our boat rocked
violently as the whole sea was a turmoil. Destroyers raced about creating huge waves which threw our boats about while
above them our stukas dived down dropping bombs.”
Mountaineer Oswald Jahnke recalled :”Our ship was illuminated by the fire and the lieutenant told us to put on our
lifejackets and remove our heavy, nailed boots. Barely had we done this when we were caught by the searchlights. Our
officer called: “Good luck boys!” and ordered our first rank to jump into the sea. All this happened in less than five
minutes. “
Another Gebirgsjäger wrote: ” The ship’s sails stand out white like a magnesium torch lit up by a beam from a
searchlight. This was followed by a broadside. Shells come screaming at us; there were hits, steel splinters, wrecked
timbers, yells from the wounded. A fresh hit sets the ship alight. Some men were thrown overboard by the blast from the
detonation. Some had already jumped. The ship sinks with a huge tongue of flame.”
In the dark the British made no attempt to pick up the scores of German troops bobbing around amid the wreckage and
on life rafts. Worse still for the soldiers, as the Royal Navy swept among the battered caiques, its crews opened fire with
heavy machine guns and antiaircraft weapons sweeping the shipwrecked mountaineers with fusillades of heavy
automatic fire. The Royal Navy order had been given that no German soldier should reach Crete by sea alive. The
British fleet was in no mood to disobey the order.
The bloody ocean full of helpless men turned quickly into a cauldron of death as thousands of chunks of living,
breathing men, flew in all directions as the British were heard to laugh and call out insults. There was no pity, no respect
for humanity or the emotions of the young soldiers snuffed out so gleefully by the ugly inhumanity of the Royal Navy.
The British massacred hundreds of young men whom the so-called laws of war guaranteed life as POWs."
Excerpt from German Paratroop Assault
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German Paratroop Assault - Operation Mercury Seizes Crete