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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
The Fate of Millions of German POWs
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177 pages; 16 chapters and 3 appendices
Finally, the German people are seeking information about the millions of
German POWs murdered by the communists in Russia. German POWs in
Soviet Camps
takes on that problem by explaining how the hateful Kremlin
hyenas ran their
POW slave-death camps amid world applause. What
else could follow the horror of the brutal Czechs publicly burning German
youth in Prague in 1945? They knew of the medieval slavery planned and
soon to be practiced on
German POWs by the evil allies who fanatically
embraced the holocaust against German humanity. The sorrow, anguish,
pain and fear felt by German prisoners in a world controlled by Soviet labor
norms and ruthless imperviousness to humanity, is explicitly described in
German POWs in Soviet Camps.  While the evil communist empire
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"It was a cunning plan of revenge. The predatory Soviets would increase their slave labor system ten-fold by incorporating
millions of German and Axis prisoners. At the same time, the bestial communists would practice genocide against the now
defenseless warriors, who they feared so much.
For the use of POW labor, the Soviets developed an entire system with numerous regulations, binding for the camps, for
the POWs, and for the management of the plants where the POWs were working. The camps were located near the most
important work places, and in general there existed "contracts” between the camp administrations and the main area
employers. The slave labor contracts contained provisions as to the work to be done, the number of POWs to be
provided, and the working conditions (i.e. type of work, labor norms, payment, protective clothing and transportation).
Transportation to the workplace had to be arranged by trucks, if the distance between the camp and the workplace
amounted to more than 2 miles. As you can suppose, any rule that favored the POW slaves was ignored."
Excerpt from German POWs in Soviet Camps
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German POWs in Soviet Camps
German POWs in Soviet Camps
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German POWs in Soviet Camps
gleefully practiced genocide through the vehicle of slave labor, the world media fawned over the scum and the USA
surreptitiously provided support. Now the past evils of US covert support of world communism are being paid back as the
Obama-afro-communist regime within American moves relentlessly towards establishment of the same Gulag System in
America that tortured and mass murdered
German POWs in Soviet Camps.