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The German Spy System - An Influential & Skilled Espionage Model
The German Spy System
An Influential and Skilled Espionage Model
© 2010
164 pages; 13 chapters
The German Spy System is an e-book about the spy system created and managed by Karl
Steiber, the first great
German Spymaster. The German Spy System is a model for modern
world espionage systems, and its basic principle are explained in the e-book, The German
Spy System
. The era of Napoleon greatly influenced the first independent creations of
German warfighting and espionage. However, the Germans, spearheaded by
Clausewitz, never appreciated
espionage and intelligence nor understood the essence of
Napoleon’s genius. Yet, Karl Sieber unilaterally created a new force in the world, the
Spy System
. The German Spy System that continues to struggle against the Soviet Okhrana
as a competitive
world espionage system, is of course, misunderstood in the USA, which
has never had either a real military or civilian intelligence
espionage agency in service to the
nation. Those readers who would like to know what a
spy system should consist of, cannot, in
good conscience, overlook
The German Spy System.
“In all things pertaining to the conduct of war, Germany of the Victorian era, copied as far as possible the methods of
Napoleon the First. In military strategy, German experts soon fell far behind their model—or rather, they have never
approached his methods, because they have never fathomed the secret of his success. Von Clausewitz, the greatest
German military writer, planned his mediocre yet useful book, "On War" on Napoleonic lines, but left out the greatest
factor of Napoleon's work. As he saw the work of the great conqueror, Napoleon made use of accident. In reality,
Napoleon made the accident, and thus Von Clausewitz who could not comprehend. French genius rediscovered the
Napoleonic strategy, but even unto this day German military methods leave out the idea of making circumstances instead
of being limited by them.
Thus, in striving to attain the Napoleonic ideal in things military, Germany has failed. But Napoleon established a new
branch of military organization when he codified and arranged a system of espionage, and, in adopting from him this
systematization of what had hitherto been a haphazard business, German builders for a world-empire have gone far
beyond their model, so that to-day the German spy system is the most perfect ever organized, not even excepting the
system of Venice in its romantic days, where all was written and nothing spoken, nor that of Russia’s Okhrana model in
comparatively modern times.”
Excerpt from The German Spy System
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The German Spy System - An Influential & Skilled Espionage Model