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German Army Rifle Squad Leadership
German Squad in Combat
Rifle Squad Leadership in the WWII German Army
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163 pages; 20 chapters
In World War II, the German Army rifle squad was the best rifle squad in the
. At its center, was the squad leader who controlled one or two light machine
gun teams, and six riflemen armed with bolt-action rifles.
The squad leader of the
German Army rifle squad was taught to be a master of combat tactics
, and could
frequently out maneuver larger enemy units. This book is as valuable today as it was
when it was
written in 1940 by the German Army. The book is loaded with all kinds
interesting combat tactics that are applicable today for the soldier or guerrilla
fighter. This book also includes many interesting hand-drawn
pictures, drawn by
German Army artists
depicting the German rifle squad leader orchestrating the
combat tactics
of his lethal fighting unit.
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Squad leader
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Excerpt from German Squad in Combat
German Army Rifle Squad Leader Combat Tactics
Machine pistol with 6 magazines  
(each with 32 rounds) in magazine
pouches, magazine loader, field
glasses, wire cutters, pocket
compass, signal whistle, sun
glasses, searchlight.
The squad leaders commands his squad. He
directs the fire of the light machine gun and,
in so far as the combat permits, that of the
riflemen also.
He is responsible for the mechanical
condition of the weapons and equipment,
and for the availability of ammunition within
his squad.