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Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism, 1941-45
Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism
German-Arab Nationalist Alliance, WW2
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151 pages; 15 chapters
The e-book, Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism, describes the
Wehrmacht’s improvised war against the British in the Middle East. Germany
Fights British Middle East Colonialism
reveals many aspects of WW2 that are
new to most readers.  For example,
Germany had a better chance of winning
WW2 if they had sent Rommel’s Army as the spearhead in Germany’s war
British Middle East Colonialism. The Germans could have outflanked
North Africa and brought the Vichy French Army in the
Middle East, into the war
Germany’s side. The Germans could have easily secured the vast oil fields
controlled by the
British, and probably induced Turkey to allow pipelines through
that nation. At the same time the fact of an Afrika Corps invasion of Britain’s
undefended oil fields in late 1940, would have endangered the USSR’s own oil
fields from the south, interdicting a major lend lease supply route and made the
ally’s false political posturing apparent as
Germany emerged as an anti-colonialist
power. Britain and the Soviets orchestrated the war to destroy
Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism shows how the Germans
could have provided a greater geopolitical threat in
WW2 by striking at both Britain’
s and Russia’s soft under belly. Only Rhodes, and not Crete, would have been
seized; thus saving the German’s Paratroop Army from annihilation so that they
could seize Malta.
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"In one fell swoop, the British Army gained control of over one-third of the world’s oil supply. The British controlled
numerous oilfields in Iran and Iraq with just a small security force. After the British and French armies were destroyed in
the Battle of France in the 1940s and the beaten British fled through the port of Dunkirk, only the British Navy and Air
Force could defend the British homeland. The remnants of the British Army could not even defend England much less the
British oil empire thousands of miles away. All Germany had to do was send the Luftwaffe and an invasion army to seize
Iran and Iraq. The Arabs in those nations were pro-German and ready to fight the British and Russians under German
supervision. At the same time, the Vichy French Armies in the Middle East were already allies of the Germans. If the Brits
had tried to invade the Middle East amphibiously in 1941-42, Rommel and the Luftwaffe (with bases in Rhodes and
Greece) would have destroyed them. Germany would have all the oil it wanted and after destroying the USSR invasion
armies, it could have established a virtually impregnable “murder line” inside Russia and a thousand miles from the
German border. British oil would have made it possible to motorize the entire Germany Army as Adolph Hitler originally
intended. Germany’s allies, especially Mussolini, already perceived the geopolitical advantages that would accrue to the
Axis that controlled Middle East oil."
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Excerpt from Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism, 1941-45
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Germany Fights British Middle East Colonialism, 1941-45