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Germany’s Antitank Weakness - High Command Tactical Level Sabotage
Germany’s Antitank Weakness
High Command Tactical Level Sabotage
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251 pages; 16 chapters, 1 special report, and 6 appendixes
Germany's Antitank Weakness is an e-book about what the frontline German infantry
did to compensate for their deficit of
antitank weapons in the face of massive Soviet tank
offensives. Most people do not understand that the German Wehrmacht suffered mightily
from what has been called,
Germany’s antitank weakness, from 1941-45. Many lies are
told about
World War II, and especially the Eastern Front, by “famous” American writers
and historians. They maintain the strength of their lies by mutually supporting their highly
inaccurate explanation about what happened on the Eastern Front. Modern
World War II
literature takes its lead from fraudulent Soviet propaganda that is still preached a decade
after the supposed “death” of the USSR, and 60 years after the end of
World War II. Of
course, leftist writers also overlook
Germany’s antitank weakness as yet another article
of communist faith, which must be suppressed. Yet traitors within the German High
Command sabotaged Germany’s war effort and, knowing that the USSR would be
victorious only with armored masses, acted to create and maintain
Germany’s antitank
from 1941 through 1945. That sabotage contributed to Germany’s defeat. If
you want a shrapnel sliver of the truth, read the e-book,
Germany’s Antitank Weakness.
Be careful, it will hit you in the head and the heart, as truth often does.
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Excerpt from Germany’s Antitank Weakness
"The cream of the veteran German Wehrmacht and most of its best junior officers and NCOs were slaughtered by Soviet
tanks during 1941-42. That result was no mistake of the vaunted German General Staff. In fact, it was their intention.
They knew of the Soviet preponderance of tanks, which were invulnerable to the standard infantry division antitank gun,
the 37mm “door knocker.” They also purposely insured that much heavier tank killing weapons were not available to
German infantry before the pre-emptive invasion of the USSR began. The high command traitor cartel even withheld the
thousands of captured heavier French 75mm artillery pieces (used as antitank guns) and heavy tanks from issue to the
German infantry division, which would have enabled them to cut their subsequent losses in half. (Enough French weapons
and ammunition were captured to equip each German infantry division with 1-3 companies of heavy French tanks and
four companies of French 75mm to 120mm artillery pieces for use as antitank guns.)"
Germany’s Antitank Weakness - High Command Tactical Level Sabotage