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Gestapo Counter Espionage - E-Book about Third Reich Counter Espionage
Gestapo Counter Espionage
The Gestapo Fights Red Spies
© 2007
332 pages; 22 chapters and 4 appendixes
Gestapo Counter Espionage is the only e-book available in the world
that provides an objective report on the
German Gestapo of World War II.
Gestapo, Adolph Hitler, and a plethora of other subjects related to
Third Reich Germany in World War II have not been reported objectively
for decades. The few thin books available on the
Gestapo are abbreviated
hate-filled volumes of vilification that contain only distorted propaganda and
very little that is historically accurate. This current culture of political
correctness seems to frighten authors who write about such subjects as
German Gestapo. Their books are invariably apologetic, and certain to include gratuitous propaganda. Regardless of
the conditioned hatred that nearly every reader harbors for the
Gestapo and the Third Reich, Gestapo Counter
will provide hours of interesting information and entertainment.
Review Table of Contents
“Eric Johnson, author of The Nazi Terror: Gestapo, Jews and Ordinary Germans spent nearly 10 years of research in
preparation for writing "The Nazi Terror" including five years as a visiting professor at the University of Cologne in
Germany. His research has been supported by major grants from the National Science Foundation, the National
Endowment for the Humanities and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany and many other awards from
establishment institutions. All those institutions were eager for yet another book vilifying and demonizing the Third Reich,
the Gestapo and the German people. In the meantime, the far more heinous crimes of the communists were to be
Eric Johnson's terror chronicle is based on a decade of research and analysis of original Gestapo operational files from
the 1930s and 1940s. Johnson argues “the Gestapo had neither the power nor the desire to rule all of German society
solely by terror.” Rather, he describes the Gestapo as "a clever, efficient and nasty organization that chose its targets
carefully." He reported that the Gestapo saved its worst terror tactics and torture only for enemy groups, such as the
communists and traitors. The Gestapo left the rest of the German people to control themselves. "Libeling Hitler in a
private conversation or listening to illegal radio broadcasts -- these kinds of things could have led to a drastic punishment
but usually didn't unless you were a Jew or a communist," he said. The German people enjoyed freedom of speech and
were not suppressed by political correctness, a Marxist invention. Why does the establishment still devote so much
research to a war that has been over for 60 years, while ignoring the current threat of Islamic Imperialism which will
swallow the Jews first.”
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Excerpts from Gestapo Counter Espionage
Gestapo Counter Espionage - E-Book about Third Reich Counter Espionage
Many of our readers have asked for objective information regarding how the Gestapo fought the enemies of the Third
Reich and especially communist espionage
. Many readers are interested in information that has never been revealed
before, even if it contradicts what they have been conditioned to believe.
Gestapo Counter Espionage disputes the
material available on
Gestapo espionage.
The research on
Gestapo counter espionage was initially an examination of only the information available regarding
Gestapo espionage and counter espionage efforts. As the research progressed, it was discovered that counter
espionage was the main activity of the Gestapo
, an agency that focused on communist subversion and domestic
traitors. Candor and objective content marks
Gestapo Counter Espionage as a totally unique document.
Gestapo Counter Espionage also includes objective depictions of Gestapo ideology, training, organization, and even
dress codes.
Gestapo Counter Espionage will hold your attention, but it only scrapes the surface of truth. There is so
much more to tell that we have not yet uncovered. It is hidden in the dark corners of bigotry where the skeletons of those
who have tried to discover the truth are piled many meters deep.