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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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Guadalcanal Campaign
America’s First WW2 Offensive Action
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242 pages; 26 chapters and 1 appendix
Guadalcanal Campaign is an e-book that closely examines
every military aspect and major battle that took place on
Guadalcanal in World War II. Most of the e-book is written from
the Imperial Japanese standpoint as great pains have been taken
to describe the many intellectual considerations required for
keeping the
Japanese armed forces of the Guadalcanal
both supplied and fighting. Since the Guadalcanal
was the first American offensive in World War II, a lot
was riding on it. American generals therefore took every
precaution to simultaneously avoid defeat and destroy
armed forces on and around Guadalcanal.
describes all the unique elements of that campaign
including ground, air and naval operations. The reader will thus
be in the enviable position of clearly understanding what went on,
and why it happened. Such advantageous data enables the
intelligent reader to, with the aid of the many maps and charts
available, second-guess commanders on both sides and
especially the
Japanese armed forces.
Review Table of Contents
"There is evidence that the survivors of some Japanese combat units on Guadalcanal were practically ostracized or sent
off to fend for themselves, as punishment for suffering tactical defeat. Marines on Guadalcanal periodically came upon
such abandoned units, found living apart from the rest of the troops, and apparently not having any contact or supply. It
was not known how much of their plight was due to wrong-headed techniques of Japanese military psychology, and how
much was due to the inability of broken units to secure a portion of the limited supplies of more fortunate units. It was
strange that a great many Japs were wandering around in small bands, which were continually being killed off both by US
and native patrols. These broken units apparently did not reorganize well with other units, and within the defeated unit
itself there appears to be no organization whatever. Starvation was common among those who are separated from the
main forces. They remained deceptive and cunning, however, and many of them walked into certain death in order to get
a shot at American troops."
Excerpt from Guadalcanal Campaign
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Guadalcanal Campaign - America’s First WW2 Offensive Action
Guadalcanal Campaign - America’s First WW2 Offensive Action