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Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook - Insight into the Confused US Military Mind
Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook
Insight into the Confused US Military Mind
© 2012
115 pages; 18 chapters
Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook is a strange book originally produced
by a
US Army intelligence unit as a guidebook for an ill-conceived
indigenous combat unit in Afghanistan.
Guerrilla Hunter-Killer
is not a very "smart book," as those who read it will note.
QuikManeuvers.com's editors have included editorial comments within the
Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook, which reveal that a number of
its sections are corruptly amateurish and down-right bizarre.
Hunter-Killer Smartbook
is considered to be among the best examples of
US Army combat innovation, but a high school sophomore could have
written it.
Review Table of Contents
"Bureaucratically pompous Gobbly-Gook dominates Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook. For example, the Distributive
Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) is what the brigade was fielded and expected to use as the primary means to
collect, process, and analyze battlefield information into analytical products for the brigade commander. The DCGS-A
program was developed in order to “pass critical information and intelligence down to the level required,” and “by design
breaks stovepipe data barriers, alters collaboration methods, and enhances the Brigade Combat Team Commander’s
ability to ACT on actionable intelligence.” Recognizing the advertised capabilities of DCGS-A, we took the tool and made it
work, where the Army’s Flagship tool failed to be integrated into other intelligence processes. We pushed the system to its
full capabilities, proving that DCGS-A does support the intelligence process at the Brigade Combat Team level."
Excerpt from Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook
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Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook - Insight into the Confused US Military Mind
Actually, Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook is two books in one. Part of it consists of explanation of the organization and
procedures (there is little tactical information, although the authors of the book claim that it is a tactical guide) of a very small
unit composed mostly of indigenous troops. Over 40% of
Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook is also devoted to computer
applications of the
hunter-killer concept. That component spotlights the modern US Army's attempt to incorporate
inappropriate technology into every small effort, vainly hoping that technology will compensate for inadequate doctrine, poor
training, and a deficit of leadership. (The
US Army leadership cares only about technology and minority dominated diversity.)
Currently, the
US Army claims to be fighting a "guerrilla war against insurgents" in Afghanistan and Iraq, which is only a
public relations deception. The US military is begging and bribing terrorist fighters of the Moslem Imperialist Jihad all over the
world in a mad ballet of deceit. The Moslems are trying to take over the world and the leftist US "leadership" refuses to admit it.
The modern
US Army as, Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook verifies, is led by ignorant, politically corrupt amateurs devoted
to détente with Moslem terrorists. For example, the August 2010 DoD report on the Ft. Hood shootings plumbed new depths of
cowardice, when it refused to honestly identify jihadist mass murders of unarmed US troops by classifying the attacks as,
"workplace violence." It's only a matter of time before the
US Army collapses and Guerrilla Hunter-Killer Smartbook is an
artifact of the anti-American cancer that is destroying it.