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Hezbollah Terrorists, (Hizbollah)
Hizbollah Terrorists
Iran’s Covert Killers
© 2006
173 pages; 14 chapters and 1 appendix
Hizbollah Terrorists is a book about the organization and functioning of the Hizbollah
terrorist network
. It is a companion volume to Hezbollah’s False Victory. If you want to
how this Iranian terrorist group operates and how it has got away with killing more
Americans than Al Qaeda, then you should read
Hizbollah Terrorists. It all there, the
psychotic mullah leadership, the psychopathic killer teams, the twisted, hate-filled racism and
religious intolerance of muslim imperialism. The reader will also learn that the
government is afraid of the Iranians and Hezbollah
and has been that way since the
Ronald Reagan years. The question is: Why? There are
only about 5,000 Hizbollah
and they could be totally wiped out if they were at war with a strong government and
a tough army.
Hizbollah Terrorists lays bare the ugly truth about Hezbollah.
“In 1996, a group of young Lebanese men began appearing regularly at the JR Tobacco warehouse in North Carolina,
carrying paper bags filled with enough cash to purchase 299 cartons of cigarettes each (the maximum per person
allowable by law). An observant security guard at the warehouse called the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and
Firearms, which, together with the FBI, pursued an investigation, that resulted in the July 2000, arrests of the men for
their participation in a cigarette smuggling scheme.  Millions of dollars in profits had been “funneled” to finance the
Hizballah in Lebanon.  
That investigation (code-named Operation Smoke Screen) identified nine of the men as members of a Hizballah cell
located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Some of the nine, led by Mohamad Youssef Hammoud, were further indicted for
having provided material support to a terrorist organization, specifically  “currency, financial services, training, false
documentation and identification, communications equipment, explosives, and other physical assets to Hizballah; in order
to facilitate its violent attacks.”  “
Excerpt from Hizbollah Terrorists
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Hezbollah Terrorists