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Hitlers Ski Troops in Winter War on Eastern Front World War 2
Hitler's Ski Troops
German Army Combat Ski Units in World War 2
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151 pages; 36 chapters
Hitler’s Ski Troops is a very unique book. It’s a translation of a German Army Ski
devoted to how to win the Winter War on the Eastern Front in World
War 2
. It is loaded with dozens of fantastic drawings of Hitler’s ski troops and
winter war tactics used by the German Army on the Eastern Front.
In addition, the book includes many pages of fascinating material concerning the use
and maintenance of skis, sleds, Finnish Akjas, and dog teams.
Any person who
is interested in skiing, winter recreation, setting up a
German Army ski reenactor unit,
or devising a war game that requires accurate data on
every aspect of winter war
will find
Hitler’s Ski Troops an excellent resource book. The same may be said for
those history buffs that enjoy reading about the exploits of the
German Army on the
Eastern Front
Review Table of Contents
“Skill in outwitting the enemy, courage, and a ruthlessly aggressive spirit are prime requisites for the success of ski
patrols, assault units, and raiding parties. Fast action, in which the element of surprise is utilized, secures superiority,
even against a far stronger enemy. In a surprise engagement with the enemy, to attack is almost always the right thing
to do.

The main principles of combat procedure are:
(1) To get off the roads into the snow, and approach the enemy cross country.
(2) To get out of the villages and march through woods.
(3) To remain mobile.

If the mission leads behind enemy lines, it is advisable to utilize the night or foggy weather in order to penetrate the
outposts of the enemy. Through early reconnaissance it must, be determined where openings in the enemy's defenses
are located and where his flanks may be bypassed.  

A meeting with numerically superior, equally mobile enemy units must be avoided, if the mission can be accomplished
without combat. Envelopment or surprise by the enemy must be prevents by increased watchfulness.”
Excerpt from Hitler's Ski Troops
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