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Hitler Youth Training - Hitler Youth Educational Manual
Hitler Youth Training
Hitler Youth Educational Manual
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175 pages; 13 chapters
Hitler Youth Training is an edited version of an actual training manual of the type used
by the
Third Reich’s Hitler Youth. As you will see in Hitler Youth Training, Germany’
s Hitler Youth were trained
better than most soldiers in other armies of the era. In
addition to military training,
Germany’s Hitler Youth were intensely trained in
ideological concepts that made them better fighters. This Hitler Youth Training
is focused on one aspect of Germany’s Hitler Youth ideological training. As
you will see from reading
Hitler Youth Training, Germany’s Hitler Youth, adolescents,
were trained in material that today is reserved for college level training. The e-book
includes fascinating information on the various races of Germany, the scattering of
German colonies throughout Europe, and why Germany sought so hard to bring all the
German peoples of Europe together under the Third Reich. In fact, that desire for the
reunification of German citizens, stolen from Germany by their enemies, is the real root
cause of World War II.
Hitler Youth Training contains numerous interesting charts,
maps and colorful artwork.
Review Table of Contents
“Nevertheless, German culture showed further progress even during this hard time. The handicrafts and especially the art
of forging blossomed forth, to which the new weapons, swords, daggers and spears bear witness. The raising of horses
and the building of wagons attained a high degree of perfection, thereby giving for the first time the possibility of great
advances in farming.
Once again youth was forced to stride out after new land. A climatic disturbance in the western part of the East Sea
region reduced the productive capacity of the greatly overpopulated land. Food for man and beast no longer sufficed. In
long trains the heavy wagons of the peasants once again rolled out of the homeland. In great battles and continual
fighting the young peasants were obliged to force their way into new lands. This time they spread out over an enormous
area. The greatest expansion took place toward the east. From the coast of the German East Sea branches of Germans
pressed across East Prussia, the interior of Poland, and southward along the rivers as far as the Black Sea. Their
numbers were so weakened, however, in the course of numerous battles, that they were unable to establish themselves in
south Russia and were absorbed by foreign peoples. Groups of Germans from Denmark and south Sweden wandered
into the region vacated along the East Sea. They spread or rather worked their way forward as far as the Sudeten. The
western Germans went forth after new land too. They advanced across the lower Rhine to south Holland and Belgium and
pressed on along the Rhine as far as the Rhine-Danube-Winkel. The iron age had, in this way, brought about a
tremendous enlargement of the German territory. It was now bounded on the continent by the line Flanders-south
Holland-the upper Rhine-Danube-Carpathians-Bug-Memel. In consequence of this great expansion the German people,
up to this unified and compact, assumed the form of numerous branches which we classify as north Germans in
Scandinavia, east Germans east of the Elbe, and west Germans to the west."
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Excerpt from Hitler Youth War
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Hitler Youth Training