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Hitler Youth War - Thrid Reich Hitler Jugend Held Hostage
Hitler Youth War
German Hitler Jugend Held Hostage
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251 pages; 18 chapters and 1 appendix
The Third Reich in World War Two created a huge and very productive youth
organization known as the
Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth). Millions of young boys and
girls, aged seven to seventeen were enthusiastic participants in the
Hitler Youth. By
1941, the teenage
Hitler Youth was totally militarized with thousands of young warriors
trained and ready to fight for Adolph Hitler and the
Third Reich during World War Two.
By 1943,
Hitler Youth combat groups began to appear on the Eastern Front and
although their feats of bravery under fire are legendary, little record remains of their
heroism or of the many
Hitler Youth who won the iron cross in battle. The record of the
Hitler Youth in defending the Third Reich has been forgotten. However, the story of
Hitler Youth did not end in 1945. After World War Two, leftist educators poured
into Germany from England and America. They soon established a re-education, or
brainwashing program for German youth.
Hitler Youth War also describes that
successful program that has turned Germany into a leftist neo-Marxist state after the war.
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“In the summer of 1943, the German Army was already far too depleted to mount a major offensive. Every possible
resource in the German manpower pool was mobilized for the epic post-Kursk battle arena. A little known secret is that in
1943, the
Third Reich experimented with the use of Hitler Jugend combat troops in a major offensive campaign on the
Eastern Front.
On the Eastern Front Axis nations battled the USSR in a death struggle of gargantuan dimensions, which dwarfed in
every way the actions on all other fronts. On the Eastern Front, battles were fought across thousands of square miles of
space as tens of thousands of artillery pieces and combat aircraft hammered millions of vying combatants in an end-of-
the world Armageddon of fire, steel and dismembered corpses.
Eighteen thousand
German Hitler Jugend (a reinforced division equivalent) were committed to the Battles of Kursk and
Belgorod in 1943. They were organized into heavily armed combat companies and used to flesh out assault battalions.
They marched forward in unflinching columns, ready for anything. They carried flags with inscriptions embroidered in gold
such as YOUNG LIONS or THE WORLD BELONGS TO US, Those young boys, aged fourteen to sixteen years old,
fought very courageously and died in heaps during the Kursk fighting. Their sacrifice of over 6,000 dead was one
measure of the desperation of Germany’s people and
Third Reich.
Reichsjugendführer Axmann stated in a memorandum that, "from the
Hitler Youth has emerged a movement of young
tank busters. There is only victory or annihilation." “
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