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Abwehr Brandenburg Commandos
Hitler's Commandos
Abwehr Brandenburg Commandos Special Operations
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352 pages; 19 chapters, 1 combat report, and 1 appendix
In 1935, German Intelligence (the Abwehr) initiated the creation of the world's
first full-fledged
special forces organization. Although Abwehr’s Brandenburg
soldiers were called
commandos, they were far more than that. Among Hitler's
missions were: long range reconnaissance, long range direct action,
the recruitment and formation of indigenous troop units, decapitation operations,
spearhead or advanced detachment operations, and a variety of coup de mains. In
accomplishing those missions,
Hitler's Commandos of the Abwehr used every
form of desant including: amphibious, parachute, foot mobile, and glider.
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"As the war opened, Brandenburg commando Lieutenant Dr Hans-Albrecht Herzner controlled the Ukrainian
Nightingale Battalion
. He was the same officer that led the Brandenburg Jablunka operation in Poland five days before
the war began. Herzner feared that the Nightingale’s Ukrainian soldiers, inflamed by rumors of Soviet atrocities in Lvov,
would attack without obeying him.  He therefore requested that
Brandenburg Headquarters authorize the operation and
thus preserve the lives of the German personnel of his remote unit. One hour later, the first Ukrainian attackers jumped
into Soviet trenches with fixed bayonets. No Soviet prisoners were taken. The soldiers of the Red Army fled with their
commissars. Immediately thereafter, the
Ukrainian Nightingale Battalion assaulted the prisons of the NKVD in Lvov
and found thousands of Ukrainian corpses, murdered by the vicious communists. The massacre was one of the most
dreadful and ruthless massacres ever heard of in the history of the world. In the police prison twenty prisoners were
crowded together in each of the smallest cells; they were then shot through the spy-holes. In Lvov, 3,500 corpses were
found in the prison. In all of Ukraine, 19,000 executed prisoners were found in their cells. Priests were crucified, pregnant
women had their babies torn from their wombs, and others were castrated, dismembered, beheaded, and eyes gouged
out to name a few of the less ghastly tortures carried out by the fanatic communists of the NKVD (Soviet secret police).
Some cells in Ukrainia were filled to the ceiling with the corpses of innocent victims. In other prisons, the ears, eyes, and
tongues of prisoners covered the floor. The hate-filled Ukrainians began to obtain revenge. They cleared the NKVD jail
facilities and the streets in the immediate area were washed clean with the blood of the reds. Then the
Nightingale Battalion
cleansed all of the city of communists, killing every Soviet soldier encountered.  Not one Soviet
animal was left alive."
Excerpt from Hitler's Commandos
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This e-book describes the salient adventures and glory of the
Abwehr’s Brandenburg Commandos that culminated in the last days of
the Third Reich, when the
Brandenburg Panzer Grenadier Division fought to
the end to protect Reich and Fuhrer while bitterly remembering the betrayals
Canaris. Although the men of Hitler's Commandos, the Brandenburg,
fought with both courage and imagination in defense of their nation, the agency
that formed them, the
Abwehr and its chief, Canaris, were both traitors. In fact, Canaris and the Abwehr betrayed every
German secret in WW2 and carried out numerous sabotages that cost thousands of German lives. The
Hitler's Commandos
e-book is an eye-opener, and a bargain at any price.
Abwehr Brandenburg Commandos and Ukrainian Nightingale Battalion