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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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Hitlerís Generals, 1943
Hitler’s Generals, 1943
(originally authored by W. E. Hart)
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183 pages; 9 chapters
The e-book, Hitler’s Generals, 1943 includes World War II British intelligence
data on several leading
German Wehrmacht generals and admirals. The
remarkable aspect of
Hitler’s Generals, 1943 is that in certain respects it includes
more accurate descriptions of the officers listed than do other
World War II
historical books written much later in the 20th and 21st Centuries.
Generals, 1943
includes cunning physical and psychological descriptions of each
German VIP in a way that enables the reader to better perceive and understand
each personage. However, such comments are not meant to imply that
Generals, 1943
was an objective document. In fact, Hitler’s Generals, 1943 is
obviously written by a British enemy of the Third Reich who allows his rancor
towards the Reich, to leak onto his manuscript.
Review Table of Contents
"Von Fritsch, typical of his class, was of medium height, heavily built, square-faced and always wore a monocle. Although
his intelligence was undoubted and his energy untiring, he was too consciously arrogant to be impressive. He lacked that
imagination and foresight which might have enabled him to avoid his violent though not ignoble end.
To those under his command he was frigid and remote in his superiority, and before N.C.O.s and men he never relaxed
the dignity of his rank and position for a moment. To civilians he adopted two methods of approach. If a man was of no
use to him then he was of less significance than the humblest private: the very presence of such a complete nonentity in
the scheme of things was an annoyance to him. The private, the N.C.O. and the junior officer, though without interest to
him as individuals, were at least units in the great military machine which bound him them together. The civilian was
always beyond the pale."
Excerpt from Hitler’s Generals, 1943
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Hitlerís Generals, 1943