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Rhodesian Traitors
How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
Backstabbing in Africa
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108 pages; 7 chapters and 1 appendix
From 1973 to 1979, a few hundred thousand white people attempted to save the white-
controlled nation of
Rhodesia from African totalitarianism and racist barbarism. All
world’s governments supported hundreds of thousands of
Soviet-trained terrorists,
who attacked Rhodesia
from all directions. Still, the Rhodesians might have won
the war
(they were terrific fighters, see Parade Grounds of the Dead) if there were not
traitors sabotaging the national war effort from within, at the highest levels of
Rhodesian Military and Intelligence authority. This book describes some of the
machinations of Rhodesia’s traitors.
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”Upon certain occasions during the Rhodesian War it appeared as if Rhodesian Combined Operations Headquarters
was pointedly attempting to
hamstring Rhodesian desant operations. During a successful Rhodesian SAS operation in
Mozambique's Gaza Province in late 1979, for example, Com Ops suddenly changed the plans. "In view of political
considerations, the plans were changed too often at the last minute and as a result, the end plan was too rushed and not
as thorough as it should have been. They had not stuck to their original aim of disrupting the Gaza lines of
communications. It had been changed to that of destroying Mapai. The destruction of the bridges became secondary,
and they did not go back to finish the Barragem Bridge demolition. There was much heated argument and harsh words
behind closed doors at Com Ops among several personalities as to where the responsibility lay for getting planners to
change their aim. One man denied the aim had been changed. The matter was never resolved and the controversy still
Thus the
Rhodesians were forced to send their light infantry, "against a large well defended conventional position...it
was soon evident that Mapai could only be taken with very heavy security force casualties...For the first time in the history
of the war, the
Rhodesians had been stopped dead in their tracks." Traitors inside Com Ops had meant for Rhodesia's
desant capability
to be destroyed in the open fields before Mapai.”
Excerpt from How Traitors Betrayed Rhodesia
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