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Human Wave - Chinese Attack Tactics: Korean War
Human Wave
Chinese Attack Tactics: Korean War
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202 pages; 15 chapters and 2 appendixes
After the Korean War and World War II, the communists and their many
stooges within the USA began to rail against the concept of the
Human Wave
. The commies have attempted to recreate history, as they always do,
and get all their stooges to continuously yap: “It Never Happened.” And “Stalin
was a great dude.” So they deny the
Human Wave attacks of the Soviet
in World War II, and the Chinese Army and North Korean Army in the
Korean War. Yet QuikManeuvers.com’s Human Wave e-book discusses the
Chinese communist use of
human wave attacks in Korea against the
background of a war fought by such military amateurs as the US Army, USMC,
and the ROK Army.  If the Chinese communists were fighting ten German
divisions from the World War II era, they would have been massacred in
nothing flat.
The tactics of the foot mobile
Chinese communists in the Korean War were
primitive and vulnerable for the many reasons discussed in
Human Wave.
Perhaps the most important thing that the ChiComs taught the world is how
easy a primitive
foot mobile army from the nineteenth century can
outmaneuver a modern high tech US military, by simply using
light infantry
. That aspect of the e-book Human Wave may be its most useful
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"With little regard for life while being cut to pieces in their attacks, the Chinese communist commanders pressed their
troops forward.
The same was true of the communist North Korean Army. At the beginning of the war the 10 NKPA divisions thrown into
battle finally achieved their objectives but at a terrible cost. By the time the Chinese communist entered the Korean War
the North Korean Army had been destroyed.
With such massive strength, the Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) turned the tide of battle in their favor as thousands of
US troops were routed, captured or killed all across the Korean peninsula. As in battles against the NKPA, large 'human
wave' attacks of CCF troops struck with unrelenting force, sometimes outnumbering the allies by a ratio of 10-1. One
wonders why the Chinese value for human life differs so much from western notions that allows them to throw so many
men into battle to be slaughtered in order to achieve a tactical victory. Such were the massive CCF offensives."
Excerpt from Human Wave

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Human Wave - Chinese Attack Tactics: Korean War