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HUMINTand War - HUMINT Concepts and Tactics
HUMINT and War
HUMINT Concepts and Tactics
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313 pages; 23 chapters and 3 appendices
HUMINT and War is an e-book about HUMINT concepts and tactics. In
spite of the fact that the USSR/Russia has proven repeatedly the veracity and
absolute importance of
HUMINT, most nations of the world follow the American
lead and eschew
HUMINT. The fact that most of the nations that ignore or
HUMINT are not really intelligence collection agencies, is bravely
explained in
HUMINT and War. HUMINT and War reveals the reason why the
CIA, built around the phony and useless “analysts” system, is conducting total
war against
HUMINT. HUMINT and War is an intermediate e-book in our
QuikManeuvers.com’s series of
HUMINT e-books.
“The CIA is totally incompetent at intelligence collection or espionage; its operatives never have enough tradecraft,
linguistic, cultural knowledge of target countries to recruit spies effectively. In fact the CIA has made it clear that it has no
interest in HUMINT “thuggery.” The CIA is the only major “intelligence” agency in the world that has no body of historical
successful intelligence collection and espionage techniques. Why? Because the CIA has destroyed its own history and
constantly reinvents the wheel with technological facades like its astronomically overpriced and useless “satellite
intelligence” boondoggle. Its intelligence products are worthless tissues of leftist propaganda and other self-serving
deceits. The CIA is also the most easily penetrated espionage organizations in the world now and historically. From the
beginning, it has repeatedly lost its assets to double agents and provided a haven for influential moles linked to the USSR
and Israel. The real reason for CIA incompetence in intelligence collection is represented by its unworkable “analyst and
intelligence cycle” system’s hidden agenda. The CIA seeks to shape US foreign and domestic policy, by feeding false
information to the government and simultaneously orchestrating information war by its Marxist media proxies. What is the
goal of CIA influence operations? To install and maintain a Stalinist-type government in the USA.”
Excerpt from HUMINT and War
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HUMINTand War - HUMINT Concepts and Tactics