HUMINT Course - How-to gather intelligence through humans
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This HUMINT course is a "How-to" educational manual to instruct the reader in
the least expensive and most workable method of obtaining intelligence. When
properly implemented, HUMINT [Human INTelligence – i.e. important information
from human beings] is conducted to gather secrets and find out useful things
from targeted individuals known to have beneficial information. Properly, and
comprehensively trained agents utilize a variety of methods to extract
information from different categories of individuals who, because of their work
access to important secrets, are targeted for recruitment.'s HUMINT course is the only comprehensive extreme utility
HUMINT course available in the world. Take advantage of this unique
compellation of professional espionage trade secrets, available only for a
limited time.
This insightful HUMINT course is designed to teach the rudiments of HUMINT
which must be practiced realistically. Only a person ungoverned by bigotry
learned from higher education, the media or Hollywood, has the mental flexibility
required for understanding HUMINT.
HUMINT is the most effective espionage collection system extant, yet for the
past century only the USSR ever practiced HUMINT effectively. It is patently
impossible for any Western European nation to employ HUMINT thinking or
operational skills for several reasons all related to conditioned mindsets, which
dominate all Western intelligence agencies. Those agencies are highly bigoted
against HUMINT for a number of reasons including:
HUMINT Course - How-to gather intelligence through humans
  • It is dependent upon human skills and cannot be manipulated as a high cost item.
  • HUMINT requires that every member of every intelligence collection department speak and think in a
    foreign language and be intimately familiar with the culture underlying that language.
  • HUMINT is personal and involves all the human emotions.  
  • Although high tech means of intelligence acquisition have proven totally ineffective and very costly,
    Western agencies prefer that approach because of the opportunity for stealing money, while remaining
    detached from the intelligence process.
  • Led by the incompetent US CIA, the West is totally biased in favor of the so-called “intelligence analysts”
  • Western college educated riff raff are taught to hate nationalism, their own nation, and to embrace the
    world’s great mass of morally unwashed sub-human perversions.
  • Not only strong intelligence, but a hard ruthlessness akin to Machiavellianism, must equip any who would
    practice HUMINT.
  • The skills of Clandestinity, undercover covertness and personal influence projection, are skills subsidiary
    to HUMINT, the core.
HUMINT Course Outline - Click each to see full list of subcourses
The HUMINT Course 1 and HUMINT Course 2 are as one, but are sold separately. They include everything
necessary to understand and lead HUMINT at any level (Tactical, Operational Strategic). Only some subsidiary
elements that make HUMINT possible are not included, such as language and cultural applications. Remember, the
purpose of learning about a foreign culture is to learn its weaknesses and facilitate its destruction. Note, some
subcourses will include attached documents beyond the actual course material.

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