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Hunter-Killer Team Operations - Liquidating “Sanctuary” Targets
Hunter-Killer Team Operations
Liquidating “Sanctuary” Targets
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129 pages; 12 chapters and 1 appendix
Those nations that recognize the right of sanctuary for enemy targets,
terrorists and other communist/Islamic criminals are always humiliated and beaten.
Sanctuary, a free hiding place for war criminals and mass murders is an obsolete
concept, and it was obsolescent when it was first thought up. Have you ever
wondered why the
right of sanctuary is necessary at all? The American Army
created the
sanctuary rule, and abided by it when chasing Apaches into Mexico.
Later, they created the 'rule of hot pursuit', which meant that an
enemy target
rapidly retreating into a foreign country could be pursued. Hunter-Killer Teams
ignore the rule of sanctuary.
Crooked politicians, of the so-called modern era, let evil enemies set synthetic
sanctuary rules which foolish, whorish, cowardly politicians then follow. Such
political criminals care nothing about the majority of their nation’s citizens.
Killer Team Operations
is a how-to e-book that rejects stupid, treasonous and
tactics in favor of war winning tactics. In the e-book, Hunter-
Killer Team Operations
, readers will learn the tactics of how to hunt, stalk and
enemy targets in whatever sanctuary they hide in.  Like most things
in life, victory requires guts and brains.
Hunter-Killer Team Operations
tactical instruction, which hopefully will convince those without guts that
the methods outlined should be adopted.
“When terrorists begin to murder the citizens of any western nation, the response is never one of strength, but is diluted
by the fact that enemies of the people occupy positions of power. Those enemies are crooks who are continually praised
and pimped by the controlled Marxist media in a constant barrage of lies and half-truths. In most cases, western nations
are controlled by alien communist politicos who worry more about controlling the majority of their citizens than defending
against terrorism by well thought out methods. In every case, the leftist controlled political elites of the West meet to
discuss their response to the latest mass murder of innocents by first considering the question of how can we address
this threat by using it to strengthen our hold on the public. They all agree that the best way to handle the situation is to rig
the struggle so that the enemy wins and the public is further disenfranchised. Every way of making money off the deal, as
well as drawing into the struggle and hopefully destroying in the process, every potential governmental threat to their
power is carefully considered. They will never use tactics like hunter-killer teams unless they are fighting right wing or
Christian groups, which are the classic enemies of communism/minority supremacy and are referred to as fascists, Nazis
and white racists.”
Excerpt from Hunter-Killer Team Operations
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Hunter-Killer Team Operations - Liquidating “Sanctuary” Targets